Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm So Unorganized! Help!

Last week I had such a busy week! I worked one night shift and it threw me off all week.
One thing you might not know about me is that I'm horrible at organizing my days. I know what I'm doing that day, but I don't organize myself for the day.  This week I plan on writing out my schedule on an hourly basis. My days are getting full and I'm really happy about it. It's good to stay busy, but I need to remember to add sleep into my schedule. I was so tired last week and it doesn't help that I missed the gym too. Yuck, I feel so frumpy. Right now, I have some downtime, but I do have a lot to do. Next week will be even crazier. One thing I'm doing to change things up in my life is to wake up early and actually do something. I usually waste time by lounging around in the morning watching Peppa Pig with my daughter. I've been going to evening services at church on Sundays, but I want to make it a habit to go in the mornings. I joined a moms group that I will be going to once a week in the mornings and now I need to fit the gym into my routine in the mornings too.
 I get so much more done that way. But, I need to figure out how to do all of this without being so tired. I love coffee, but coffee doesn't always cut it. Can't forget baseball practices, baseball games, mixed martial arts classes, etc. etc. etc. BETTER GO! SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!

Any tips on how to organize my day? How do you do it?

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