Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I think I already have a blog post titled that. LOL. Hilarious. Every time I think we're planting our roots somewhere, we end up moving. Irony. But, it's a happy move! We're nervous, but we're also REALLY EXCITED! 

Have you heard the saying, "Home is where the heart is."? Well, we think we left our hearts in the desert. We never realized how much we would miss life in the desert. Not many people like the desert. Yes, it's windy. Yes, it gets hot. Yes, it's far from everything. But, you can see the stars. The skies are clear and blue. It's far from everything, but there's always something to do. 
We'll be commuting to work, but we work so hard and we want a nice place. A place where our kids will have fun and have memories that will follow them as they grow older. House prices are cheaper and we won't die with house payments. Sounds harsh, but it's true. I don't want to retire with a house payment. It's time to think about stuff like that. Our kids are getting older and we need to stay put. 
Where we're currently living at the house prices are going  for over half a million dollars! And they're not that special guys. It's a basic house. You're paying for the location. It's nice, but we'll never pay off our house if we stay here. We'll never be able to slow down at work. Not with those prices. 

Family comes first and this move will allow us to slow down and smell the roses. We'll be able to enjoy our children. We'll be able to spend more time as a family. I don't want our kids to remember us working all the time. We want them to remember all the fun stuff we did with them. 

Do you move a lot? What is you reason for moving? 

P.S. Pictures coming soon. 

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  1. Happy for you, I know moving sucks, but sounds like you will be happier in the new location!