Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Operation Lifestyle Change #CMPlifestylechange

Operation Lifestyle Change is starting on May 1st and I'm getting sick! Nothing that airborne, dayquill, extra fluids, and o.j. can't fix!

I'm so out of shape. I'm really intimidated by exercise right now because I know it's going to HURT!

I should stock on ibuprofen and epson salt. I might need it!

I found this funny picture on pinterest that I can relate to. Can you relate?

Are you going through a lifestyle change? Hashtag me on Instagram #CMPlifestylechange! So we can encourage each other!

Xoxo Liz

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Want To Be Healthy, Fit, & Inspiring Others.

It's been a while since I've posted on here. I really miss it. The thing is....I don't have internet. Boo! It's been almost four months and I'm going crazy! I've learned a lot from not having internet access and I hope to share it one day.
For now, I'll be posting from my phone. It's really hard for me because I'm really anal about how I post stuff on here, but I love blogging and it'll just have to be something that I deal with for now. I ran into an elderly lady just recently and she told me, "If that's the only problem you have in life, then you really don't have any problems". It made me reflect on how I look at things. What a great reminder about life!
Changing topics. I've been struggling with my weight since I've had my baby girl. I've gained at least twenty pounds and I feel it! My body aches, I'm tired, and I have ZERO motivation.
It has put me in a desperate situation where I'll do almost anything to lose weight. So, I've decided to invest in a product that I'm curious about. I've seen it everywhere and I've seen REAL results. So I'm going to try it!
I don't want to share it on my blog just yet because I want to see if it works. I'm going to try to document this journey and I'll do it for 30 days. If I see results, I will be on here telling you that it works!
Beginning May 1st, I will be on my journey to fitness. In 30 days I want to be telling you that it works ! I want to have a day where I'm healthy, fit, and inspiring others including my family. I want to show them that it's possible to lose weight at any age and weight. 
From now until May 1st, I will start planning out my meals and workout schedule. I may even start a little early by adding exercise and cutting down on foods that I shouldn't be eating. Wish me luck! I need it! 
Do you struggle with weight loss? Do you have any tips for me?
((Big hugs)) Liz

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa #A2Santa #Victoriously

Disclaimer: I received a Santa Photo Package from our Visit to Santa as part of my experience. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own

Christmas time is here! Happiness and cheer! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE CHRISTMAS! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! AHHHH!!!!

Even though it can be pretty stressful at times. It can also be tons of fun! There are so many things to do during the holiday season! You get to decorate your Christmas Tree, admire Christmas Lights around the neighborhood, watch Christmas movies, enjoy goodies like tamales and peppermint hot cocoa , and appreciate and love the quality time that you have with your family doing all of these things.

The number one thing to do during the holiday season is go visit Santa! Santa needs to check his list twice and telling him what you want can verify your list! Listening to carolers is now going to be a part of our "things to do" during Christmas too! 
FOOD! Nom. Nom. Nom. 
If you live in Southern California, you need to stop by Victoria Gardens and take a free magical journey to go visit Santa at the North Pole!It is a DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa that is so much fun that your kids will never forget the experience!

Especially when you take sight of the amazing home that is covered in digital screens. You will see characters from Shrek moving about the house. You should have seen the joy in my little guys face when Fiona was decorating her house and the Gingerbread man was being silly. SO MUCH FUN! Plenty of photo opps too! 
Once you get inside the house, Shrek and Donkey will follow you throughout your adventure where you design your own sleigh, take a FUN 4D ride to go visit Santa, and you'll play fun games with Santa's helpers while you wait for Santa to see you.
Once you visit Santa you will have the chance to take pictures with him and tell him what you want for Christmas! Just make sure you're on the Nice list! He knows when you've been bad or good!
You can find out pricing info for pictures with Santa here. There's also a special app you can download where you can send Santa a holiday wish list! You must RSVP. If you go without reservations, you may not be able to see Santa. It all depends on cancellations.

What's your favorite thing during the holiday season? When do you normally visit Santa? Have you already seen Santa? What's on your wish list?