Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa #A2Santa #Victoriously

Disclaimer: I received a Santa Photo Package from our Visit to Santa as part of my experience. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own

Christmas time is here! Happiness and cheer! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE CHRISTMAS! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! AHHHH!!!!

Even though it can be pretty stressful at times. It can also be tons of fun! There are so many things to do during the holiday season! You get to decorate your Christmas Tree, admire Christmas Lights around the neighborhood, watch Christmas movies, enjoy goodies like tamales and peppermint hot cocoa , and appreciate and love the quality time that you have with your family doing all of these things.

The number one thing to do during the holiday season is go visit Santa! Santa needs to check his list twice and telling him what you want can verify your list! Listening to carolers is now going to be a part of our "things to do" during Christmas too! 
FOOD! Nom. Nom. Nom. 
If you live in Southern California, you need to stop by Victoria Gardens and take a free magical journey to go visit Santa at the North Pole!It is a DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa that is so much fun that your kids will never forget the experience!

Especially when you take sight of the amazing home that is covered in digital screens. You will see characters from Shrek moving about the house. You should have seen the joy in my little guys face when Fiona was decorating her house and the Gingerbread man was being silly. SO MUCH FUN! Plenty of photo opps too! 
Once you get inside the house, Shrek and Donkey will follow you throughout your adventure where you design your own sleigh, take a FUN 4D ride to go visit Santa, and you'll play fun games with Santa's helpers while you wait for Santa to see you.
Once you visit Santa you will have the chance to take pictures with him and tell him what you want for Christmas! Just make sure you're on the Nice list! He knows when you've been bad or good!
You can find out pricing info for pictures with Santa here. There's also a special app you can download where you can send Santa a holiday wish list! You must RSVP. If you go without reservations, you may not be able to see Santa. It all depends on cancellations.

What's your favorite thing during the holiday season? When do you normally visit Santa? Have you already seen Santa? What's on your wish list?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Farewell October, Hello Christmas. Wait what?! {Photo Heavy}

Wow! November is already going by so fast! It seems like we've skipped Thanksgiving because people are already putting up their Christmas trees and decorations! HOLY MOLY! I'm still trying to catch up on all the October Shenanigans! Seriously, it was such a fun month. Especially once we started doing stuff for Halloween. We love taking the kids to the pumpkin patch....
 and HAUNTED HOUSES....isn't that zombie CREEPY?!!!
 The best part is trick or treating.....especially when you see them in their awesome costumes! Our oldest dressed up as Jason, our middle guy was a G.I. Joe soldier/ninja guy, and our baby girl was Snow White. We were so rushed on Halloween because we thought it was going to rain and didn't get many pictures that day. Bummer. The memories were priceless.....
 We also enjoy pumpkin carving and....
 decorating Halloween cookies during October! It was such a fun month!
We love Halloween parties too. It's fun getting dressed up and being silly in our costumes. It was nice having mom and dad time. Watch out for adult parties because it can get naughty! I'm keeping it PG over here, but it can get pretty Rated R. LOL!

The best part about Halloween is seeing the big smiles on our kids faces when we do everything. 

Stay tuned for a fun Christmas post! We're moving fast folks! The holiday season has begun! YIKES!

What do you do for Halloween? Do you follow a tradition every year? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Sneak Peak Into DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa #A2Santa #Victoriously

It seems like the Christmas Spirit  is here sooner than ever! I've seen people put up their trees and their Christmas decorations are all over their homes! It seemed kind of scary at first, but I'm really enjoying the happiness and joy that it brings. The weather is finally cool and a warm cup of peppermint hot cocoa really sets the mood for the holiday season! So why not join in on the holiday cheer?!
Here's a sneak peak into DreamWorks DreamPlace Adventure to Santa at Victoria Gardens! Isn't it just dreamy?! I cannot wait to take my family to this magical place! It will be a fun interactive holiday experience where Shrek will lead the way ! And guess what?!!
You can take your family too! The adventure begins on November 15th and it will go on until December 24 by appointment only. Make sure you visit Victoria Garden's website for more details about this event! You will have to use their special app to make an appointment. It will be an unforgettable visit to the North Pole through the infusion of DreamWorks studio’s trademark storytelling and humor, with the latest in interactive technology. SO EXCITING!

More details about our visit to this magical place coming soon! You can also follow me and my family on Instagram and Twitter! I'll talk to you soon!

Are you ready for Christmas? Can you feel the Christmas spirit? Are you scared that it's coming so soon?!
 Disclaimer: Post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.