Thursday, September 11, 2014

To See or Not To See? My New Eyeglasses from @Firmoo That Is!

Eyeglasses were provided by I was not financially compensated for the following post.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Firmoo for sponsoring me.  Affiliate links included in this post.  A special THANK YOU to Holly from Our Holly Days for the referral! 

When I was in fifth grade I was diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness). I can only see up close and it's blurry when I see far away. I wore glasses every day after that and they were really nerdy too. Big fat thick plastic granny glasses that I really hated wearing because kids would call me "four eyes". I don't remember having many options in glasses to choose from back then. Have you ever seen the movie, "A Christmas Story"? Yeah, that was me, except my glasses were pink. The choices were far and few between. Times have changed and thanks to we can shop from the comfort of our home and we have so many to options to pick from!

 Before you order your glasses, make sure you go to your eye doctor and obtain a copy of your prescription. Once you go onto, you can upload a picture of yourself and see what you look like wearing their glasses. I LOVE this feature! It was really cool being able to see what I look like wearing their glasses! Check out their prices too! WOW! You can find glasses on their website for as low as $19.00! 

Once you find the glasses that you LOVE, you add it to you cart and follow the directions! It's  really easy. The link to my glasses is hereMy order came with 1.57 index lenses with anti radiation and anti-uv coatings. They also included a free eyeglass screwdriver key chain, a soft case, a hard case, and an eyeglass cleaning cloth all for under $56 shipped. How awesome is that?! If you ever have trouble with your order just contact a representative and they will be happy to help you out! 
My order took 7-10 business days for it to arrive and I was ecstatic! As soon as they arrived I tried them on. My hubby LOVED them. He said they looked better than the glasses that I paid $600 for. Ouch. I know. 
(Please excuse the frizzy hair in both pics. It was raining and the humidity was bad. Straightening and curling my hair was not an option)

My new glasses from are lightweight and comfortable. I can see perfectly out of them. They're exactly as I pictured them. They go with EVERYTHING! I also learned that I like wearing rectangular glasses. I have a round face and I feel like it goes with my face type. What do you think? Maybe in the future I will venture out and try a different shape. I loved that I had options! Especially at these prices! 
I've been wearing my glasses every single day. I LOVE THEM! Did I mention that I LOVE them? I usually wear them in the evening to rest my eyes after a long day of wearing contacts. My eyes get tired and dry, especially after a long night at work. They're also really useful when the baby wakes me up at night. has definitely made a customer out of me and I will definitely be back to order more eyeglasses in the future. If you order from let me know what you think! 

What do you think of my new glasses? Would you ever order from Firmoo? If you order from Firmoo, let me now what you think! 

Eyeglasses were provided by Firmoo.comI was not financially compensated for the following post. Thank you!  Thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Firmoo for sponsoring me.  Affiliate links included in this post. A special Thank you to Holly from Our Holly Days for the referral! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Working Nights

Alright guys,  it's Five Minute Friday! I get five minutes to write about whats on my mind. Turning on my timer and GOOOO!!! Well, I'm back at work and I'm actually loving it. It's only part time, sometimes hard, but I'm managing it pretty well. I work nights so we only use a baby sitter two hours each day that I work. My hubby stays home at night with the kids and that's been challenging because the baby still wakes up at night, but I'm sure everything will settle in time.
It was actually my choice to go back to work. I think I already had mentioned that in a previous post. I might be turning into a broken record. LOL. I have a lot of flexibility with my job so it's really nice. I'm just struggling to stay up when I'm at home during the day. My days are spread apart so I can catch up on sleep after the day is over. The nice part about being at work is that it's really quiet where I'm at and I get a small break from the chaos at home. LOL. I'm an only child so I kind of long for a little quiet time here and there. I know that I'll miss it when the kids grow up. I'm truly appreciating my life with my kids. I really love my family.
WOW! Five minutes is up! I can't believe it! Time flies when you're having fun! 

If you're a working mom, how do you manage your household when you get home & you're exhausted? How do you balance work and home life?

Until next time......

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegas Shenanigans, Expensive Food, Flying Balls & a $100 Taxi Ride.

Guess where we were at not too long ago? VEGAS BABY! Vegas is so much fun! I seriously love going to Vegas! I don't mind going with kids either. I'm happy either way. 
We stayed at the Hooters Hotel and Casino for three days and it was nice to get away. We came to Vegas to celebrate  my sister in laws 40th birthday and to visit my in laws that live in San Antonio,Texas. It was more of a family vacay because we had the kids with us and couldn't exactly party like young wild 20 year olds. We're old now....Side Note: We paid around $200 for four days and three nights at the casino in case you're ever interested in visiting. We weren't exactly impressed with our stay this time around, but it filled our needs while we were there. The rates aren't bad if you want to save money. 
Day One: We arrived at our hotel at 3am and went straight to bed as soon as we arrived. Once everyone woke up we met up with my sis in law and my in laws at the MGM Grand across the street from our hotel. 
 We had breakfast at the Avenue Cafe with the entire family, we chatted, and we had fun conversations about life. It had been more than a year since we had seen each other so we had tons to talk about. Side note: We weren't too impressed with the cost of breakfast. I'd reconsider eating at Avenue Cafe if you're looking to save money while you're in Vegas. It was pricey and you don't get what you pay for. 
Once we finished eating, we all split up and went our own way for the day. We decided to spend the rest of the day with our in laws. It's not every day that we see them so we took advantage of our time together. They were really happy to see all of us. It was their first time meeting Arielle and they were thrilled to meet her and see the kids after so long. 
We had a great time visiting our in laws. We ended up staying with them all afternoon and headed off to dinner that night. We wanted to save money and took a taxi down to Old town Vegas. BAD MISTAKE. It cost $25 per car to go one way and it took TWO CARS to get us to Old Town. That's $100 round trip! OUCH! We dined at  the Cafe Cortez at the Cortez Hotel and Casino. I really loved the atmosphere of the casino! Some of the slots actually dropped coins. I SCORED $60 and it was fun watching the money come down! I sound like a gamboholic!! LOL. We'll definitely go back! 
 Day 2: The following day we had breakfast at Hooters. Who knew that Hooters actually served breakfast? It's fun watching my boys squirm around the girls. They are really shy. What's funny is that we ended up eating lunch, but watching the boys giggle made everything worthwhile.  Once we were done having brunch at Hooters we met our family at The Wet Republic at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.
Have you ever been to The Wet Republic?! HOLY MOLY! IT'S ONE HUGE POOL PARTY! HUGE! Drinks are flowing, people are drinking, A LOT. I wouldn't mind coming back with my husband. It looks like it could be really fun without the kids. The kids had fun at the pool, but we ran into a few couples making out and one guy mooning tons of people including my boys. He was stupid drunk. They thought it was funny...especially when the guys balls were flapping freely in the air. Except, I'd avoid going back with the kids in the future. 
After spending a few hours at the pool we left to celebrate my sister in laws birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe next to the Hotel and Casino. Dinner was nice, but everyone was exhausted from swimming all afternoon . We had dinner, we sang happy birthday, and we had desert. As soon as we were done with desert we took my in laws back to their hotel because they were really tired. We said goodbye because we would be leaving the next day and not see them again for a while. It was sad saying goodbye and I hope that we get to see them again soon. I know my hubby really misses his dad. Once we dropped them off we spent a few hours at our hotel swimming in the pool. We had fun and the kids were drained! Mission accomplished. 
Day 3: Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and left around 6:30 am. If you want to avoid Vegas to Cali traffic on a Sunday, leave between 6 am and 8 am, and you won't get stuck on the road for HOURS! We're not kidding! If you leave after check out time (11 am), you will only make it to State Line within 4-5 hours which normally takes less than an hour to get their. Don't torture yourself. Unless, you don't mind sitting in traffic for hours at a time. LOL. 

Have you ever run into awkward situations with your kids? How do you handle it? Do you know of any frugual things to do in Vegas with kids? Places to eat? Things to do?