Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Toddler Life.

Hi there stranger! It's been a while! I've been very busy tending to my family. Especially my little girl. She is a handful. She is 20 months now. I can't believe it!
Currently, she loves to take her diaper off (in public and at home), rub her dirty hands of food into her hair after she's done eating, play with the water cooler (so annoying), and climb onto EVERYTHING!

She's attempting to talk. It's still mostly gibberish. Her favorite words to say are mom, dad, up, more, "bah" for bottle, and "mmmm" for good, and she grunts when we say "poop". So, I guess they're not ALL words, but you know what I mean. She'll occasionally repeat other words after we say them, but they are not in her daily vocabulary yet. I'm thinking about speech therapy, but not sure yet. I'm going to give it another month.
She's not potty trained. I should be working on it. Were not on the same page. She thinks her potty chair is a puzzle and she's always breaking it down and putting it back together again. When I left her diaper off, she peed on the floor in amazement....a couple of times.

We can't go the restaurants and movie theaters with her right now. She is SUPER CRAZY when we take her. We've already had to leave a few restaurants with to-go boxes and we would take turns waiting in the lobby of the movie theater so the kids could finish watching a movie.

Her favorite foods right now are cheetos puffs, chicken nuggets,french fries, apples, chocolate, and steak. We don't offer those everyday for health purposes, but she would eat these things all the time if we offered them. We're trying to eat healthy (all of us), but sometimes we use these as a back up to keep her calm, quiet, and collected. LOL.

LIFE IS NUTS WITH  A TODDLER. But, we love her to pieces and we LOVE the boys to pieces for being patient with everything especially their little sister. We wouldn't have it any other way!

That's pretty much our life right now.

Do you have a toddler? How's life? 

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