Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Take a Tour of Don Roberto Jewelers {On My Blog} #DonRoberto #Riverside

On Saturday, I was invited to attend the Don Roberto Anniversary Event in Riverside, CA. I was really excited that it would be in my neck of the woods and that it involved jewelry! What girl doesn't love jewelry?!
 Don Roberto's Jewelers is located at 10335 Magnolia Ave, Riverside CA 92505.
When we arrived, we walked into a room full of an assortment of jewelry. Jewelry ranging from children to adults. I was really excited to hear that they carried jewelry for kids because I've been wanting to buy new earrings for my little girl. I had a tough time shopping for her because I would constantly get distracted with jewelry that I could possibly get for myself. That was serious restraint. 

 Don Roberto's carries watches, rings, necklaces, and if you're catholic you'll find tons of jewelry for your religious needs. Oh! And sunglasses too!

 Everyone was super busy helping out customers.

 My hubby and baby girl were shopping for her next perfect pair of earrings! Look at how serious they look. She's ALL GIRL! 
 The best part about it is that their earrings screw in the back. I've already lost an earring because the back fell off of it. So I was really happy about the screw back earrings. 
 Aren't these earrings adorable?!
I had a hard time deciding what pair of earrings that I wanted for the baby. I chose these heart earrings. I can't wait to build her little jewelry collection! 
On the day of the anniversary event they had food, drinks, face painting, a balloon man, and a D.J. They were going to announce the winner of a NEW CAR! They also had fun games and had raffles throughout the event. That made both of my boys happy!

 Don't you just love those rings?
 They also had jewelry for quinceneras. That brings back a lot of memories. I still have jewelry from my quincenera....many many moons ago.....
 Unfortunately, I wasn't there when they announced the winner of the car. I bet that was one VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!
 My little guy was so happy with his ninja!
 My baby girl had trust issues with her balloon cat. LOL.

Watching the D.J. interact with everyone was really entertaining. I tried to get my little guy to dance, but he was so shy. Crazy kid. 
Last, but not least....CHECK OUT THESE RINGS! I was dying over the crown ring! Isn't it beautiful?! That would make a great birthday present! Or for Mother's Day! *DROOL*
What do you think of my little girl's earrings? Would you have bought something for yourself or the baby? What did you like from the selection of jewelry that I showed you?

Disclaimer: I was compensated with a gift card to Don Roberto's. All opinions are my own. 

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