Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arielle's Pink and Gray Chevron Nursery Tour {Photo Heavy}

Well guys, it's bittersweet because we might be moving (AGAIN) soon. Yeah, we move A LOT (that will have to be another blog post). I've been meaning to show you what my little girl's room looks like. Now's a good time to show you before everything gets taken down. When we were pregnant with our little girl I had used this room as a gym that we never used/storage room. It's a tiny room. Perfect for a baby nursery. 
When I cleared it out it was a HUGE mess. I'm working on my hoarding issues people. I threw out tons of stuff. I was proud of myself. Out with the old! In with the new! That's what hoarders always say. 
I decided that I really wanted to do a gray chevron and pink theme for our baby's room. Hubby didn't see my vision, but he went with it. He also dreaded the chevron pattern it was a pain in the ass
Hubby was so excited about having a baby girl so he did whatever it took to make my prego butt happy (even though he thought it looked too masculine). My mother in law volunteered to help my hubby since I was prego. They painted the entire room a bright white color and I chose a medium gray for the chevron color. Seriously people.....if you ever have to choose a shade of will have SO MANY OPTIONS. Talk about OVERWHELMING! They're not kidding you when they call it 50 shades of gray (still haven't read the books)! 
They worked an entire day on this room. I was so proud of them. Talk about getting it done! We were on a time crunch and it had to get done before the baby shower. During that time we also spray painted a night stand and an armoire. I decided it would look awesome if I painted it metallic and I was right! It was given to me by a close friend of mine. I am so grateful for that! 
What do you think of the metallic color? I LOVE IT! Post baby shower I was able to fill up her room with ALL THE LOVE that was gifted to her! The rocking chair was gifted by another friend too! We are so blessed. AND LOOK AT THE WALL! LOVE IT! I covered the chair cushion with a fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby. The blanket was purchased at a county fair. The banner was from the baby shower (made by family). I still haven't found a place to display it yet. 
The hair bow was made by family. I need to learn how to make those! I found the mirror at a yard sale. The pink cube organizer was purchased at Target. 
Here's the armoire! I am SO happy with the way it turned out! The basket was gifted and my aunt made the pink liner that is inside the basket. I currently use it as a baby hamper. I'm still trying to figure out what to put on top of the armoire. The "Anime "Ariel" painting was done by our close "teenage" friend and NOW BABYSITTER. SHE'S SO SWEET and the BEST babysitter we could ever ask for! 
 I added a shower rod inside the armoire because our nursery doesn't have a closet.  I LOVED THE WAY IT TURNED OUT! I forgot to mention that my hubby LOVED the nursery after it was done. Yep, I was right. He said never pictured it would look the way it did. I deserve a pat on the back. 
Here's a close-up of the hair bow holder! I LOVE hand-made/personalized gifts. I received so many of them! Blankets, baby burp cloths, the hair bow holder, crochet baby hats, and a basket. This little girl was SPOILED TO PIECES! 
I organized her shoes on top of the cube organizer. I used a flower vase to organize her headbands. This is only temporary. I still have a few more projects to do for her nursery. I want to make a headband holder. I want to buy a behind the door shoe organizer for her shoes. I need to put wall shelves up for her books and I need to buy fabric cubes for her organizer. Perfect for toy storage! 
Originally, I wanted to buy gray chevron curtains for her room. I still do, but finding inexpensive chevron curtains was close to impossible. So we settled for pink curtains. I'm happy with them, but I'd be happier with chevron curtains. I still love my baby girls room though. No regrets! 
I never thought about adding monkeys to her nursery. It just worked out that way. I stumbled onto this crib bedding set at Burlington and I fell in love with the theme! 
My father in law made the shelf that is above the organizer. It means A LOT to us. I painted it metallic to match the furniture that I had spray painted. I'm still thinking about painting the rocking chair. What color do you think I should paint it? White or metallic?
My hubby bought the crib at Burlington Coat Factory and the shaggy rug was purchased at Target. I'm super happy with the way our little girl's nursery turned out! What do you think? Unfortunately, I couldn't squeeze in a changing table, but for those of you not wanting a cube organizer. You can always replace it with a small dresser and place a changing pad on it. It didn't fit on mine. Bummer. Once we move to our new place I plan on painting a long dresser and using that as her changing table. I'll give you another tour once her nursery is set up again! I'm going to change things up a bit! It's a good excuse to decorate again! 

What do you think of Arielle's nursery? Too much pink? What should I do to change things up in her new room? I'd love to see what you think! 

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