Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We're So Excited and We Just Can't Hide it!!!

Hi everyone! For all of you following me on Instagram, Facebook, or already know what I'm having!!
YES!! It's a GIRL!!

We are so thrilled to be expecting a baby girl. Hopefully, nothing changes because we have already started buying things for her and her nursery. I can't even describe the excitement! Our family is now complete with our two beautiful boys and our sweet baby girl. 

We even have her name picked out already!! It was a long debated decision, but we have both agreed to name her Arielle Elizabeth. 

We agreed to name her Arielle Elizabeth because our youngest has my husbands name as his middle name so why not make it fair and give her my first name as her middle name. We're weirdos like that! Now we somehow have each others name. Long story, but it works for us! Lol. 

Every time I think about having a baby girl I get so giddy about it. It's a different feeling....we're going into unknown territory and it's really exciting and I'm a little nervous about it. What is her personality going to be like? How will her brothers treat her? Will she be a girly girl or a tomboy like I was when I was little? What is she going to look like? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Above all else....I just want her to be healthy. 

We're working on her room and I've been shopping around to see what I like. We've decided that  were going to do grey chevron with pink in her room. Different shades of pink. It'll be shabby chic with some modern design mixed in with it. I'll be sure to take before and after pictures of her room.
(Arielle's bedroom was a storage room full of boxes. We don't have a garage so I had to figure out what to do with everything in that space to make room for baby. How embarrassing...)

I'll even do a haul of the items that we've already purchased for her....and maybe even a haul after the baby shower. 
(Baby Shower Preview)

There are so many things to do before she's here and we still have the holidays coming too! AHHH!!!

Should I do a before and after post on her nursery decor? How about a baby shower haul?

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