Friday, March 23, 2012

Partying, Giggles, Sweat & Giveaway Winner! #Abuelita

Tiffany and I at the Improv. We were actually sober in this picture. :p 

How's your week going?! We've had quite a week(end). We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and my hubby's birthday this past week! Can't you tell by the excitement on my hubby's face? LOL. JK.  We had a great time! My friend Tiffany scored tickets to the Improv  and invited hubby and I to watch comedian Bill Bellamy last Friday night and on Saturday Night, hubby and I went out on a date night (St. Patrick's Day).
 Hubby was really thirsty. It's actually a beer sampler from BJ's Restaurant. :) We're not alcoholics. Promise.

Hubby's birthday was on Tuesday and we went out for dinner and drinks that night. Hubby had the drinks. I was the designated driver.
 We had a nice feast and sang happy birthday to daddy!
 Our little guy had to help daddy blow out his candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
 We're pretty pooped from all the festivities, but we must go on!
Aside from the festivities, the kids have been going to their mixed martial arts classes. The kids are currently involved in both baseball and mixed martial arts (M.M.A.). I LOVE it! It's exhausting, but it wears the kids (and mom) out.
We've been an on-the-go family lately. I'm still trying to find some sort of schedule to keep us on track.
I've been squeezing my workouts in as well. My kids M.M.A. gym offers adult cardio classes. So I signed up to workout at the same time they do. I call it our family workout! We all leave the gym sweaty and fit! Can you see the enthusiasm?!
I've been trying to squeeze in a workout about 4-5 days per week. I'd love to workout five days weekly, but I'm slowly working my way into it. I did really well last month (before baseball season). I was going 5 days per week, but baseball threw my schedule off. I've only been able to do 2-3 workouts per week in the past three weeks. I've lost a few inches and a couple pounds, but it has slowed down since my workout days have lessened.

My favorite workouts includes Spinning. I plan on Spinning at least twice per week.
I'm thinking about adding running to my life. Every time I go to the gym, the track at the 2nd level of my gym calls my name. I really want to try running a 5K soon, but I need to condition myself. I plan on doing the Couch to 5K program. Hubby said he'd run the 5K with me (without training). It kind of motivates me to train harder so I can kick ass and beat him to the finish line. Sounds like a challenge right?!
In the meantime, I'm also working on taking my Cardio Class twice per week. I hope to have a plan by Sunday and I'll share it with you! I'm not stressing out on it though. I'm trying to find what's right for me so that I can get my health back on track! One day at a time.


Via Rafflecopter:

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Congratulations Angie! Hope you enjoy Nestle's Abuelita Hot Chocolate as much as we do! I will be contacting you shortly via email! Please respond within 48 hours of my email. Gift will be forfeited after 48 hours if no response has been made. Thanks to all of you that entered!

How do you plan your fitness schedule around your kids & activities?

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