Monday, March 19, 2012

Little League Baseball #mommyblogger #latinabloggers

Phew! I'm exhausted! The kids have started Little League Baseball and they are keeping us busy. They practice three days per week and have at least one to two games per week between the two of them. Not counting the mixed martial arts classes that they go to every week.
I've counted 28 games between now and the end of May.
I'm not complaining though. I REALLY do LOVE watching them play. I mean...LOOK at how adorable they look in their baseball uniform.
My little guy is so tiny. Sometimes it's easy to forget how small they are at 4 years old.
I love how their feet dangle on the bench as they wait for their turn to bat.
The excitement on their little faces makes all the sweat and tears worthwhile.
It's fun watching our boys interact with other kids.
Hubby volunteered to help guide the little ones as they ran to each base. Our little guy ran all the way to 3rd base...almost made it back to home base until he made a 360 degree turn back to 2nd base. Hubby joked that the 2nd base man must have had candy in his pocket because most kids would run back to him.
The kids had fun and they were so proud of themselves. High five to all of them!!
Our big guy had a game an hour after the little ones. They had their game faces on.
This is my big guy's first year playing baseball where scores really matter to the team. He really didn't understand that until that day. My big guy has a learning disability and sometimes it hard for him to comprehend things. I'm so proud of him for trying.
Sometimes he gets a little discouraged, but we were there to guide him through it. The coaches have done an amazing job working with him.
The team did an amazing job playing. Unfortunately, they lost 9-8. It was such a close game, but it's certainly not their last game. ;)

Are your kids in sports? How do you handle time management between each of them? Do you have a child with a learning disability in a sport? How do you handle it?

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  1. I'd LOVE to get my boys started in sports. Never realized what a huge time commitment it is tho! I'm a little scared now haha Your boys look adorable in their baseball uniforms :) Good luck to Jeremy's team this season!!

  2. OMG. Yes! It's a huge time commitment! Especially when you have to juggle two of them. But it always seems to work out in the end and it's so much fun watching them play. Thank you!