Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something's In The Water...

In the past two weeks, I've been invited to three baby showers and one birthday party. Something's in the water! I'm surrounded by pregnant woman! LOL. Don't get any ideas...YET. *wink* *wink* Unfortunately, I was only able to attend two of these events and I was late to one of them because of my big guy's baseball game. Major fail. I'm trying here, but it's been really tough juggling everything. If I only had super powers. :p
 I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the first baby shower. I wish I would've taken pictures because I have the most creative people in my life and I LOVE IT! I normally don't blog on Saturdays, but I had to show you these pictures! Let me give you a mini tour of Helena's Baby Shower...I'll start with the candy station. When we walked inside their home we were greeted by an amazing presentation of a mostly pink candy station! On the lower right hand corner you can see small leopard print bags to fill your candy with. Of course, this was our boy's favorite location. 
 As we made our way into the dining area we had the Bar Station. My FAV was the homemade sangria. Next to the bar, there was a large metal tub on the ground full of sodas, juice, and water. I didn't get a pic of the tub because I was quickly redirected to the Cake Pop/ Cupcake Station!
 WOW! Isn' that amazing?
 Here's a closer look! Homemade "baby" cake pops! The pacifiers come from edible candy necklaces. Isn't that a great idea? Not only did they look great, but they tasted good too!
 Last, but definitely not least. The guest area where everyone mingled at. The arrangements were beautiful and the idea behind the hanging onesie's are such a great idea.
Each guest that comes to the baby shower decorates a onesie and hangs it back up when they're done. As the baby shower comes to a close, the person that decorates the best onesie wins a prize! What do you think of mine? I just had to make it bling! ;) "Boobyaa" comes from a fight (MMA) shirt known as "Booyaa". . I did that for the boys. I was trying to get their votes too. LOL. Sadly, I never won. We had to leave the baby shower early because my big guy had yet another baseball game! These games are killing me! As much as I complain...they're actually pretty fun! Plus, the team won 14-9! BOOYAA!! Thanks for visiting and taking a tour along with me. I hope this post inspires some of you with a few ideas. I know I was inspired!

How's your weekend going? Do you have any ideas to share? I did miss one station at the baby shower. It was a Baby Advice Tree Station. It was filled with leopard print cards. The idea was to write your advice to mommy on your card and hang it on the tree so that everyone c0ould see! Gotta love it!

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