Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something New #FebPhotoaDay

Hows February Photo a Day going for those of you doing it? I missed a day or two, but I've managed to take a picture almost every day. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to share them with you on here. If you follow me on twitter, you might catch a glimpse of some of my photos! Here we go...
Day 10: Self Portrait
Day 11: Makes Me Happy
I can go on and on with what makes me happy. My family makes me happy. My mom makes me happy. My friends make me happy. You get the picture. Haha. Get it? I know. I'm sooo cheesy.
Day 12: Inside My Closet
Please excuse the mess. I'm still working on closet organization. Some of those shoes...I don't even wear. I don't even know why I have them. Okay, I kind of know. <----HOARDER
Day 13: Blue
Day 14: Heart
Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Whether it was with friends, your kids, or your family. It's a perfect day to remind everyone in your life how much you LOVE them!
Day 15: Phone
This photo is super cheesy. I had a hard time getting creative with this one. But now, everyone knows I have a land line! LOL! YAY! <---Cheesy
Day 16: Something New
We had tons of rain and hail yesterday and woke up to a gorgeous view of  fresh (new) snow on the mountains.   Beautiful. I have a thing for gorgeous views.

The weekend is almost here! What are you doing?! Hubby has a Pro MMA Fight this weekend! I have to pack for two days.  Follow me on twitter: @TNL634 to stay updated on our action packed weekend!

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