Thursday, March 1, 2012

We've Come to the End of #FebPhotoaDay and Into #MarchPhotoaDay

Hello! If you were following me on twitter, you've probably caught a glimpse of my February Photo a Day pictures. I didn't get a chance to post ALL of them up during the month of February so I figured I'd do that on my blog today!

Day 17: Time
Hubby had a fight on February 18th. Weigh-ins are done the day before the fight. Usually at night. So here we are....TIME for weigh-ins!
Day 18: Drink
Hubby fought on February 18th. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of my drinks that night. BOO (fail). So I thought I'd share a pic of one of my favorite mixed drinks!  Coronaritas! Also known as Beer Margaritas. They are sooo good. You can find these bad boys at On the Border. A really yummy Mexican restaurant in So Cal. You can also find the recipe on Pinterest. Gotta love pinterest...By the way....Hubby lost his fight. :( Better luck next time!
Day 19: Something you HATE to do.
I HATE to clean up after my husband when has a fight. It sucks. Especially during weigh-ins. He leaves trash and dirty sweaty clothes EVERYWHERE. Major pet peeve. Just sayin'. We need to fix this problem. 
Day 20: Handwriting
I have a huge box full of handwritten LOVE letters. When hubby was in the Army we used to write LOVE letters to each other whenever hubby was away. Awww....LOL. Now we just text each other. JK. Kind of...
 Day 21: A Favorite Photo of You
I wanted to post Feb Photo a Day 10 as my favorite photo because it's a recent picture of me. Except I didn't want to repeat the same picture twice. I chose this picture because hubby made a painting of it when he was in Egypt. It is one of my favorite pictures for that reason. It was also a very happy day for both of us. He had just gotten back from Haiti after three months of deployment and we were really excited to see each other. (Picture taken in 1999).
 Day 22: Where You Work
 Hubby works 12 hours a day, 5 days per week. I worked 40 hours per week as a LVN (Licensed Nurse). The cost of childcare wasn't worth the time and money away from our boys. We decided it was best for all of us if I stayed home with our little guys. I LOVE IT! Aside from's a tough job! But it has been worth every minute of it. There are times when I miss working and I get this huge urge to go back to work. But spending time with my family makes being a stay a home mom so much better. I know several moms out there that don't get this I'm taking it and cherishing every moment of it. 
Day 23: Shoes
I wear these shoes (almost) EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm a mom on the go...from working out at the gym to taking my kids to baseball practice. These are the shoes that help me get the job done!
Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet
Day 25: Green
 Hubby bought me a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates...just because. What a sweetie. The kids approve. LOL.
Day 26: Night
I missed another photo op on February 26th. So I'm taking you back to my hubby's weigh-in day...or shall I say night. Hubby had an I.V. given to him right after the weigh-ins. It wasn't necessary, but it never hurts to hydrate sufficiently after cutting/losing weight the day before a fight. SAY CHEESE!
Day 27: Something You Ate
We're going through this huge health kick right now and we're adding tons of fruits and vegetables to our health diet. I made Easy Cabbage Soup. It was really easy to make. I used a large pot and filled it with water. I cut up a head of cabbage and 4 stalks of celery and threw them in the pot. One can of Mexican stewed tomatoes. One can of mixed vegetables and I added a few teaspoons of chicken bouillon to taste. I wanted to use fresh veggies, but I had just juiced all of our veggies the day before. So I improvised with what I already had. After my soup was cooked thoroughly, I added Lime Cilantro Brown Rice to my bowl (not the pot) and poured my yummy cabbage soup right over it. It was SOOO good. I don't add the rice to my pot because it makes the soup thick and starchy. You can get the Lime Cilantro Brown Rice recipe on Pinterest too!
Day 28: Money
I bought this lovely wine rack/table at Walgreens for a whoppin' $5.00! I was excited with my find! LOL.
Day 29: Something You're Listening To
My two boys are playing in Little League Baseball. We've been busy preparing for the first game of the season (one of many games). I have 28 baseball games to go to between now and May! I'm gonna be one busy and exhausted momma! One of our boy's coach is talking about pre game preparations.
Phew! I had so many pictures to catch up on, but it was fun! Can't wait for March Photo a Day!
Who's in?!


  1. LOVE your photos! Seriously thinking I need to change the photo challenge I've been (trying to) following.

    EVERYONE in our family got sick so our photo challenge hasn't been happening for like 6 days or so now haha Oops. Time to get back on track tomorrow!

    Great job!

  2. Thanks Ally! You can do it! It's hard when you're busy and when everyone's sick. Can't wait to see what you have!