Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Woke Up to a Fight!

I was in a nice deep slumber when suddenly the sound of a slamming door awakened me! I work nights you see and I sleep all day...The sound of a man with a deep voice closed in on was my husband!!

He started stripping his clothes off naughty people...Im not going there! LOL. JK.

But he did start taking most of his clothes off and started telling me about a last minute fight that he had picked up. The weigh-ins were only an hour away and he had been calling me on his way home, but of course the power was off and my phone had died.

He needed to cut a few pounds and he had already been shifted to fight three different opponents.

I got up and got dressed. We found sitters to help us watch our two beautiful boys and off we went (he cut a few pounds and put his clothes back on. LOL.)!! We were running a little late, but not bad for last minute thats for sure!! Story of my life...We finally made it to the weigh-ins and he did his thing.

We grabbed some dinner. Picked up the kids and off to work I went!! So here I am. Mentally preparing myself for what's to come!! I get to go home. Snooze. Go to the gym. Snooze again. Wake up and go to watch hubby fight!

Oh! Did I forget that I think I may be getting the flu? It's okay. Hot tea and meds should keep me well-rounded. I'm excited for him!! Good Luck Honey!!
Tony Dalton vs. Daniel McWilliams.

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