Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Featured Blogger: Yevgenia Watts

Night shifts can be tough, but the one thing that keeps me going through the night is catching up on my favorite blogs.

I've decided to start featuring these blogs because I feel like I should share these wonderful people with special talents to you. It might not even be a blog at times. I might just write about an individual that catches my attention.

Writing and reading blogs has opened up a whole new world to me.
I love it!

Pictured below is Watercolor Artist Yevgenia Watts from Watercolored Hands. Yevgenia is an amazing artist and I have been honored to meet her and her beautiful family. She is very dedicated and committed to her artwork.

In her own words: "I speak watercolor. I see the world as a feast of colors and that is what I emphasize in my art. When I am painting, I slow down and enter the world that is similar to the one around me but infinitely brighter and more colorful. I put layer upon layer of paint to achieve complex variations of color and value."

Check out her website and blog to read more about her and her artwork. You can purchase her artwork or prints by clicking on the picture above or go to http://watercoloredhands.com/. I love how colorful her artwork is and she does it with ease and grace. I need lessons! I'm used to acrylics...

I hope that we can get together again soon!
We still have plans to hang out, walk, and paint!


  1. Yes Yevgenia is a fantastic Artist! I saw her paintings last weekend at the Roy Rogers Ranch Arts Festival. Thanks Liz for featuring Yevgenia!

  2. I love her artwork and I hope to learn from her! I've been wanting to feature Yevgenia. Shes a wonderful person to know! Thx for stoppping by and reading!