Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Fighter's Wife: Results & Recovery

Fighting takes heart. You REALLY have to enjoy the sport to want to keep doing it...

Tony's Fight Results:

Lost to Diego Bautista via Submission (Guillotine Choke)@ BAMMA USA - Bad Beat MMA on 9/24/2010-Round 1 in 0:23 seconds.

In Tony's words...

"I lost my fight. I slipped while dipping off his right. Then he jumped on me. I tried for a double leg but he jumped guard and pulled me into a guillotine."

I really thought he would give up. Maybe even retire. I don't influence his decisions. I try to be supportive in anything he does. Sometimes I hesitate, but we always come to a mutual agreement. I'm proud of my hubby for being committed and not giving up.

There's nothing you can do with losses except learn from it and move on. People say that the ones to watch for are the ones that have lost. They learn from their losses and are more eager to win.

I'm extremely impressed with the fighter he fought. He was humble and well composed. I love humbled fighters. Those are the ones to cheer for whether they're good or not. It takes courage to get into the cage and fight.

One of his friends advice:

"Let it go and get back in the gym and work ur ass off cuz im plannin on goin to soboba and if im payin 100$ for 2 tix u know i have xpectations brudda!!!!!!"

Tony's response:

"Trust me, after that I wouldn't wanna be fighting me....I'm ready to smash on someone."

Crazy boys! Gotta love em'! So their you have it...hubby's preparing for his next fight. Love the sport, Learn from it, and Live it!!


  1. Go Tony :) The story makes me think how I got refused first time I applied to UC Berkeley. So I did it next year and got in...Sometimes defeat is what you need to be successful.

  2. Thx Genia! Defeat IS what you need to be successful!:)