Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fighting to Lose!

I've been working nights during the week so I pretty much sleep ALL day. It's a boring and tiresome routine. I go to work. Get home. Help hubby get the kids ready to go to school/babysitter. Sleep. Kids get home. I feed them. Shower them. Work on homework with them. Hubby gets home. I go to work. And repeat.

Boring. Boring. Boring. But of course thankful that my family is healthy, well, and alive.

I think I've already mentioned in a previous post that I trained once with Jackie Warner from the Bravo Show "The Workout" and "Thintervention" and I absolutely LOVE her workouts!

I need some change. I need some "mommy alone" time. I need to work on myself and my health. These night shifts are killers. I'm already overweight & these nights don't help. Somethings gotta give...

I've decided to buy Jackie Warner's recent "Xtreme Timesaver" DVD. I need a fast workout that is convenient for a busy and sleepy mom like myself. I bought this DVD for $10 at Walmart!

I still plan on adding other exercise routines to my schedule. The only catch is that my hubby is hardly ever home. He's either working or training to fight. Momma needs to put her foot down & dominate a few days per week! For the love of being healthy! I mean seriously! Before I start developing life threatening diseases!

Hubby gets to be healthy and I get to be BIG MOMMA?! I don't think so...

Today was my first day working out using her new DVD. I have her other DVDs as well, but what I loved about this DVD was that it was fast! It's going to work out perfectly for my night shift schedule! She mentions that if I use her DVD at least 3 times per week that I will notice results!

I had my son with me during this workout. He crawled through my legs a few times and I only had to stop the DVD once, but overall he did good! Thirty minutes was just enough time to distract him. The best part about the entire thing is that I'm SORE! That means it works!

What motivated you to start working out? How do you distract your kids? How do you keep your motivation to continue your exercise/weight loss journey?


  1. I work nights too!! I feel you girl!! It is hard!!!

    I also join you in the struggle to be healthy and fit!!!

  2. Hi Marcela! No kidding! I once had a doctor tell me it was hopeless. I'd never lose weight if I kept working nights. Like he's gonna pay the bills right? I hope that we "Night Shifters" can prove him wrong.