Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Big Boy Turned Eight Over the Weekend!

Check him out! My big boy is eight years old! I can't believe how fast time flies! My baby is getting older! He doesn't like toddler toys anymore. He wants an IPOD, he wants video games, he wants BIG BOY TOYS! OMG! How scary is that?!

Pretty soon he'll be asking for a driver's license, prom money, high school gear, a car! For now, I will enjoy the time that I have with my two boys. We have so much more to do with them before they leave the nest. More memories to share together as a family...

For his birthday we decided to take our big boy to Dave and Busters!! He was so excited! Especially when he found out that had three cards to use to play games!!

He was so excited that he was willing to pose for us!! LOL!
Boys being boys...

As we waited for lunch, the kids decided to be silly for the camera.

Especially my baby boy! Another one getting older by the minute!
After his steak and shrimp and before playing games. We sang Happy Birthday to him!

Then it was time to get serious!

Do not disturb the game master!

After a couple hours of video games. Did I mention hours? We left to go watch Despicable Me. Unfortunately, after buying our tickets, popcorn, and soda, there were no seats available in the theatre! How can a movie theatre sell tickets when there are no seats available?! Thank you Edwards Palace Stadium for wasting our time and money on my son's special day!

Jeremy was disappointed, but he took it like a champ. That's my big boy! We managed to get most of our money back, but not all of it...It was too late to go to another theatre so we called it a night!!

To make up for this terrible experience we took him out to The Original Roadhouse Grill for a special treat! He wanted to eat peanuts and a hot fudge brownie sundae!!

We bought candles for the waitress to put on his desert! The waitress was amazing! She had the servers sing happy birthday to him and made his desert extra special! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE PIE!!
He had so much fun! Especially when we surprised him with special gifts throughout his special day! We love you big boy!!

Happy Hump Day!!

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