Friday, June 11, 2010

Scarsdale Diet: Day Three (Wednesday)

What can I say about Wednesday? Oh Wednesday. Hump Day Wednesday. Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday...I'm ashamed...

Let me start from the beginning...

When I woke up on Wednesday I was HUNGRY. I made the same breakfast that I've already had the past two days. But, on this day I decided that I wanted to exercise. I thought walking or running would be a good plan because the kids weren't home. Jeremy was at school and Jacob was with the babysitter.

Time was going by so fast. I forgot Jeremy's lunch so I had to get that done, etc. etc. etc. It was almost 12pm by the time I was done. My hubby had jury duty that day, but his day ended on a good note and he was home early!! I told him that I had wanted to go running and convinced me to finally get dressed and get my butt out there and run!!

Luckily, it was slightly windy outside and it gave off a cool breeze as we jogged/walked/ran. I couldn't believe how out of shape I was!! How embarrassing!! Fortunately, my hubby was right next to me supporting me. He was literally my Drill Sergeant!! I don't think I would've pushed myself as much as he pushed me!!

I had him take a pic of me so you could see me STRUGGLING!! LOL!! He almost recorded me jogging, but I told him I'd rather have him take a pic. I didn't want you hearing how pitiful I sounded!! I WAS SOOO TIRED!!

Don't let the smile fool you!! I was grinning out of my teeth..."Hurry Honey, I'm about to stop running!! I need to slow down and walk. My feet are hurting...". Here are my stats:

Calculated Workout Stats
Lap Dist: 2.91miles
Total Dist: 2.91miles
Avg. Speed: 2.9mi/hr
Calories: 218
Avg. Pace: 20:36min/mi
Your BMI: 36.7

I did it!! 2.91 miles!! I got home and drank a HUGE glass of COLD water and jumped into the shower. I took a Motrin after we were done too. I could feel the pain coming on!!!

What did I eat? Here's what the diet looked like for the day...

½ grapefruit (if not, use seasonal fruits).
1 slice of protein bread (or wheat), toasted, no spread.
Coffee / tea (no sugar, no cream and no milk).

LUNCH: Tuna salad or salmon (drain the oil), lemon juice and vinegar. Seasonal fruit. Coffee / tea.
DINNER: Lamb roast (remove all visible fat) or a steak. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery. Coffee / tea / diet soda.

But here's the bad news....I CHEATED!!! I'm ashamed...

I ordered a chicken wrap and I thought I was being healthy. When I looked at the nutritional value menu the calorie count was way over 1200 calories for ONE MEAL!!! OMG!! I decided this meal was going to be my CHEAT meal and I would continue following my diet from then on....

My husband of course had the healthiest meal. It was a chicken sandwich, but it definitely looked worse than mine. He thought it was funny. We can be a little competitive with each other so he likes teasing me...THANKS HONEY!!

I can't complain though!! My meal was SOOO good. But of course it was (1200 calories GOOD)!! OUCH! Seriously though, it was worth it. I was on a date with my hubby and we were having so much fun spending time together. And I exercised!! 2.91 miles!!

I would recommend that if you have a cheat day. Try exercising and you won't feel so bad. Just don't do it every day. LOL!! I don't think you'll lose weight that way!! :)

When we were done with our lunch, we decided to go to the movies.

Get Him To The Greek wasn't such a bad movie. It had us laughing!! It had it's moments where I'd just nod my head, but it was overall a good movie. It really just depends on the type of movies that you like. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. If you like twisted humor then this will be your type of movie!! I'm okay with this type of humor it just depends on the type of humor that is presented.

Overall, it was an awesome day!! **I just wrote tons of stuff after this and it didn't save!! NOOOOOOO!!!! Better go, the kids and hubby are calling** Maybe I'll do an edit and finish what I was typing, but I wanted to post what I have now. Thanks for reading!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Ahhh the Red Robin Chicken wraps- good stuff!!!

    Good for you for working so hard :)

  2. OMG!! They are good!! Thank you!! Dieting is sooo hard. I hope I can do it this time!!