Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scarsdale Diet: Diet Updates For Week One

What a tough week!! I didn't realize how bad my diet had been until I had started this diet. It's amazing how much different your body feels when you're eating better. The bloating goes away. You start feeling slimmer. Your energy starts improving. It's extremely motivational for me to keep going.

Scarsdale Diet:

LUNCH: Two eggs, cooked to your liking (no oil). White cheese (low fat). Sliced tomatoes or green beans or zucchini. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
DINNER: Grilled chicken, whatever you want (remove the skin and fat before eating). Spinach, green peppers and green beans in large quantity. Coffee / tea / diet soda.

LUNCH: Sliced cheese, assorted. Spinach, all you want. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted bread or toast. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
DINNER: Fish and shellfish meager. Mixed salad of fresh vegetables, as desired, including vegetables, cooked and cut, if you prefer. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted. Coffee / tea / diet soda.

Lunch: fruit salad, the amount you want. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
DINNER: Chicken or roast turkey. Lettuce and tomatoes. Seasonal fruit. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
Lunch: Chicken or turkey hot or cold. Tomatoes, carrots, cooked cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower. Fruit of the season. Coffee / tea / diet soda.

I did follow my diet up until Friday evening and after that my diet went slightly downhill. I did manage to watch some of the foods that I ate during the weekend, but I had my moments of weakness. I wish I could tell you that I was following my diet perfectly, but I didn't. I'm not perfect. It doesn't mean that I'm giving up because I haven't. My diet still continues...I just need to integrate more exercise into my diet and buy or choose more selections of meals that I can integrate into my diet.

One important piece of information that I'd like to share with you:

Just because I fell off of my diet doesn't mean you should too. If you've been on this diet and have been committed to it...STICK TO IT! If you've found alternates to certain meals that stick with the diet GOOD FOR YOU!! You should be proud of yourself!!! Dieting is definitely a mental game. You have to constantly discipline yourself and force yourself to stay on track. Like I said, I'M NOT GIVING UP. I will continue to watch what I eat. I'm in training. Your body will slowly get adjusted to the changes that you've done to your meals. You won't be craving as much junk food and you'll start getting full faster. You'll see!!

Here are more examples of the types of food that I've been eating...

Peanut butter jelly on wheat bread with a few slices of watermelon.

Salad topped with guacamole with a little bit of lemon and salt. I know, not great, but good enough. LOL!


Carne Asada Tacos with extra lettuce and guacamole.

I should explain: Sometimes I don't have the "right" groceries to make the food that goes along with my diet. So I improvise. Instead of having toast, I'll have tortillas. Realistically, I should be replacing corn tortillas with wheat tortillas.

Instead of having chicken or fish, I'll have steak. Or vice verse. It just depends on the types of food that I have available to me that day. We're on a budget, so sometimes I just can't run to the grocery store and buy exactly what I need.

I'll work on sharing how much weight I've lost. So far I've noticed inches come off!! YAY!!



  1. mmm The tortillas look really yummy!! Made me want some now lol
    Good luck with your diet! I have been on a soup diet (eating soup for dinner) and I feel good! lol

  2. OMG!! The tacos were sooo good!! I need to find the same meet that I bought last time. It'll be hard to imitate!!

    Same to you!! Good luck!! Let me know how that goes!! Im planning on adding soup to my diet too!! I heard that it really works!! Im trying anything!! LOL!!!