Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scardale Diet: Day 2 (Tuesday)

I'm so sorry for the delay. These past two days have been fun, yet hectic. My hubby had jury duty and ended up coming home early.We had a movie/dinner date!! We don't have those very often, but we had a babysitter that day and jumped right on it!!

Thursday (Yesterday), my mom came over to visit us and it was mother and daughter time!! Of course she had come to see see her grand kids too!! LOL!!

So here we go...

    ½ grapefruit (if not, use seasonal fruits).
    1 slice of protein bread (or wheat), toasted, no spread.
    Coffee / tea (no sugar, no cream and no milk).

    LUNCH: Fruit salad, any combination, all you want. Coffee / tea.
    DINNER: Grilled lean burgers in large quantity. Tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, Brussels sprouts or cucumbers. Coffee / tea / diet soda.

Tuesday morning I had good ol' toast and peanut butter with an orange. I ended up having coffee with my meal, but started and ended with an 8 ounce cup of water to fill me up!!

When lunch time came around I noticed that my menu had mentioned fruit salad. I had two bananas that were starting to go bad and can I somehow implement these poor bananas into my meal?

I decided to make a DELICIOUS SHAKE for myself!! YUM!! So I peeled my bananas and threw them into my blender. I found leftover cantaloupe and half a bag of frozen berries and tossed them into my drink as well....Doesn't that look good?!! MMMmmm...

I added water and substitute sugar to sweeten up my shake and look at the final results!!

A banana berry smoothie made especially for me!! I had two cups that I was forced to share with my two year old!! HE INSISTED OF COURSE!! Sometimes, you just can't argue with a two year old...

When dinner time came around I noticed my menu had "grilled lean burgers" for the meal of the evening. I bought these habanero chicken burgers at the 99 cent store and made these for dinner...

They turned out DELISH!!! I complimented my meal with veggies and a salad "per" menu request...and these were the results....YUM YUM YUM!!!

Dinner turned out better than I thought!! I was full and satisfied!! I had no urge to eat after dinner. I was full all night!! Coffee was my drink of choice!!

So that was my meal for the day!! What do you think?

I also had to go to an awards ceremony Tuesday morning and look who got an award!!

JEREMY!! He received an award for Outstanding Achievement for the Year!! He's such a hard worker and I'm SO proud of him!!!

Hope you had a wonderful week!!

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  1. Congratulations Jeremy on your reward. Hannah and I are so proud of you. We miss you! :o)