Monday, June 7, 2010

Scarsdale Diet: Day One

Last night I went to the dollar store to buy a few groceries. Groceries? Yeah!! They sell groceries at the dollar store!! We're on a budget here. One of the hardest things to do is spend tons of money on dieting. Diets can be expensive!! Many people use "money" as an excuse to not lose weight. I'm making that excuse non-existent in my vocabulary....

I couldn't find EVERYTHING that was on my Scarsdale Diet list, but I found tons of stuff that I will be using in my diet. I spent $30 on diet soda, tea, substitute sugar, veggies, fruits, bread, whole wheat rice, etc... I went a little overboard, but it was worth it.

So here's what my menu looks like for today:

½ grapefruit (if not, use seasonal fruits).
1 slice of protein bread (or wheat), toasted, no spread.
Coffee / tea (no sugar, no cream and no milk).

LUNCH: Assorted cold cuts (your choice - lean meats, chicken, turkey, tongue). Tomatoes (sliced). Coffee / tea / diet soda.
DINNER: Fish and shellfish lean, any kind. Mixed salad with the vegetables you want. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted bread or toast. Seasonal fruit. Coffee / tea.

This morning I started my day off with about a cup of melon and a piece of whole wheat toast with one tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter. I had a cup of Jasmine Tea with sugar substitute. It was actually not too bad. I felt satisfied and I didn't have the urge to eat more.

So this is how I change up my menu a bit. I'm still eating healthy and I'm keeping everything low fat. I want to lose weight slowly. I would say about 2-4lbs. per week. You'll probably gain it all back if you lose more, but if you do it slowly and more naturally you can easily keep it off.

I wish I would've taken a picture, but I was on the phone and I was SO hungry. LOL.

A few hours later I decided to take a ride on Jerry!! My spin bike!! LOL!!

It was so much fun!! I have truly missed spinning!!

I was so hot and sweaty. The ride was originally 40 minutes, but I only managed to get 30 minutes in. Jacob was crying, he wanted to watch Blue's Clues, and since I'm potty training...I had to pause THREE times to help him go to the bathroom. Oh yes! And he spilled water all over the carpet and thought it was a puddle for him to play in. That is MY LIFE!!

When I was done SPINNING, I started to get hungry so I had lunch.

I had two slices of turkey deli meat, a handful of cherry tomato's, and a corn on the cob. To drink I had a cup of diet cola. I know soda's not great, but it satisfies my sweet tooth. I'll eventually wean off of the diet soda. I added corn on the cob because it had to get cooked before it went bad and it looked YUMMY!
For snack I've had baby carrots. I'm munching on them now. I need to work on dinner. The kids won't stop asking when dinner will be ready. I've already done my initial measurements and weigh in and will post them on here later!!

Have a great night!!

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