Friday, June 4, 2010

Scarsdale Diet: It Has Worked For Me!

Here I give you the Scarsdale diet!! I've done this diet before and it works!! I was searching ALL over the Internet for this diet. I lost it when I was moving last year. A good friend recommended it to me. My hubby and I decided to try it and it works!! We lost tons of weight and we kept it off by following the maintenance part of the diet. The maintenance part REALLY is just about eating healthy and watching the foods that you eat. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon and it's time to start this diet up again!!

Here's how it works :

After dieting for 14 days, you must pass to the stage called, "Maintenance." Maintenance allows you to eat more food, but the food you eat is basically similar to the original diet.

I'll be recording the process on here. Weight loss, exercise, and food. I'll try taking pictures of the food that I eat so you can get an idea of what you can do to change it up so that the food doesn't start all tasting the same. When I did my diet I improvised a little...

One more thing: The diet should only be followed for 14 days, after that "Maintenance" for 14 days, and then you can restart the Scarsdale diet again and so on.

The Scarsdale Medical Diet is only for 14 days:

    ½ grapefruit (if not, use seasonal fruits).
    1 slice of protein bread (or wheat), toasted, no spread.
    Coffee / tea (no sugar, no cream and no milk).
    Assorted cold cuts (your choice - lean meats, chicken, turkey, tongue). Tomatoes (sliced). Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    DINNER: Fish and shellfish lean, any kind. Mixed salad with the vegetables you want. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted bread or toast. Seasonal fruit. Coffee / tea.
    : Fruit salad, any combination, all you want. Coffee / tea.
    DINNER: Grilled lean burgers in large quantity. Tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, Brussels sprouts or cucumbers. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    Tuna salad or salmon (drain the oil), lemon juice and vinegar. Seasonal fruit. Coffee / tea.
    DINNER: Lamb roast (remove all visible fat) or a steak. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    LUNCH: Two eggs, cooked to your liking (no oil). White cheese (low fat). Sliced tomatoes or green beans or zucchini. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    DINNER: Grilled chicken, whatever you want (remove the skin and fat before eating). Spinach, green peppers and green beans in large quantity. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    LUNCH: Sliced cheese, assorted. Spinach, all you want. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted bread or toast. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    DINNER: Fish and shellfish meager. Mixed salad of fresh vegetables, as desired, including vegetables, cooked and cut, if you prefer. 1 slice of protein bread, toasted. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
  • SATURDAYLunch: fruit salad, the amount you want. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    DINNER: Chicken or roast turkey. Lettuce and tomatoes. Seasonal fruit. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
    Lunch: Chicken or turkey hot or cold. Tomatoes, carrots, cooked cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower. Fruit of the season. Coffee / tea / diet soda.
The menu is repeated weekly up to 14 days.

I forgot to give you one important fact: while on the Scarsdale diet you can eat between lunch and dinner, carrot sticks/celery. Remember: Only celery and carrots.

Well, here I leave you with the Scarsdale diet. Once completed, the 14 days of the original diet should follow the following instructions to maintain the weight:

Scarsdale Diet Maintenance

It takes place during the following two weeks of the Scarsdale Diet.
To continue to comply with the principles of the slimming regime, but with fewer restrictions. Still ban sugar and fat products, but you can increase the quantities of various foods: lean meats, fresh fish, shellfish, eggs, cheese, lean, fruits and vegetables can be consumed at will.


Forbidden foods: no sugar (only use sweeteners), or potatoes, flour, pasta, etc.. None of fatty dairy products, no jams or desserts except fruit and sugar-free gelatin.

Restrictions: only two slices of bread per day, 40 grams of hard liquor a day or 120 ml. wine (both dry, no sugar content) or 220 ml. Low-calorie beer (avoid regular beer).

Staples of the maintenance diet:

- Celery and carrots always
- All lean meats (including pork), fresh or frozen fish, preferably grilled whole, nonfat
- All shellfish, but high-calorie sauces
- Eggs in all its variety, prepared without butter, margarine or oil.
- All cheese meager.
- Fruit and vegetables at will.

Source: Scarsdale Diet

I usually like starting my diets on a Monday. It gives me a fresh Monday start to get myself mentally and physically prepared. I need to buy a few groceries to complete my diet plan as well. One nice thing about this diet is that it's not expensive either.


I am not a certified dietitian or personal trainer. Everything I write on my blog is my own personal opinion. If you have diabetes, hypertension, or heart problems, or any other health issue, consult your physicians first.

Again, please be aware that I am not a certified dietitian or personal trainer and make no such claims to be. I am yet again at another attempt to try and lose weight.

Question: Have you ever tried a diet fad? What was it? Did it work?

Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

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