Friday, May 21, 2010

MMA: I Need Motivation

My hubby...He's such a committed fighter. If I only had his motivation.

One excuse that I do have is that he wouldn't be so committed if he didn't have the help that I give him to do what he does.

I mean...MUST BE NICE to go to work and go training almost EVERYDAY and not have to worry about anything else.

I guess I'm venting a little...LOL. But, at the same time I give him credit for actually being motivated to go workout and train so much. He needs to come home and motivate me to workout with him (hint hint).

This past weekend was extremely exhausting. Tony had a fight Saturday, May 15th and we were so busy. Especially since we didn't have a babysitter.

It started Friday morning when Tony had to cut weight for his fight. Cutting weight is such a long and gruesome process. Especially when you have grumpy children and a thirsty grumpy husband. But we survived the day!! And most importantly...He made weight: 175lbs.!!

Tony and his opponent weighing in....

The promoters of the fight paid for the fighters to stay in a REALLY nice hotel. We had so much fun!

I went to bed early, the kids wore me out! Tony and Jeremy went to relax at the jacuzzi along with the other fighters.

Early that Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast (thanks to the promoters!) and headed out to the site where they would fight. Unfortunately, the fights were outside. I felt bad for the fighters, but mostly my kids. I kept them cool with slushies and little misting fans (thanks to inventors of these fans!). We would've never survived without them!

Tony prepping for his fight...Say "CHEESE"!!

Finally, after six or seven hours of waiting to see Tony fight. He fought!! Check it out!!

It was the first time taking the kids. I was REALLY worried about it. The kids took it like champs. I'm so proud of the way the reacted and behaved the ENTIRE time we were there.

Unfortunately, after three anxious rounds. Tony lost his fight by unanimous decision.

We felt so bad for him. He was REALLY bummed. One thing about fighting is that no matter how ready you are for a fight....if you win or have to learn to cope with whatever happens and move on.

You just keep on training and don't let that get you down. If you have the heart for something that you REALLY enjoy, you keep on going...

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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