Thursday, May 20, 2010


Why is it that I'm having baby fever?!

Maybe it's because I just had a cute little nephew born last week? I don't know.'s because my friends are having babies? Who knows?! What's wrong with me?

My little newphew Zachary:

One thing to know about me is that I'm an only child. I do have a large family... cousins.... aunts... uncles.... but it's not the same. I don't have that family connection that brothers and sisters have with each other. While all my cousins can share their kids with their brothers and sisters. I don't have that.
It is nice to share my kids with my husbands side of the family.

My closest connection is with my brother in law and his wife and kids, but THEY LIVE IN HAWAII!! I wish we all lived close to each other! I wish I could see my niece and nephew in Hawaii!! I wish our kids could get together and play with each other and have that bond that me and my cousins shared.

My Family in Hawaii (aren't they the cutest?):

That's where the baby fever sets in. I want to make sure that my kids have siblings. I don't ever want them feeling like they don't have anybody. The thought of just staying at home and being a stay at home mom sounds nice. At least at this very moment...

I LOVE LOVING my kids and the connection that we have with each other. It's amazing how much LOVE there is between each of us. For better or worse...

I do feel that we need to add some estrogen into the mix. A little girl in our life sounds right. Then I was thinking. Maybe we could adopt a little girl. I know. I sound crazy, but it is a thought. I'm seriously thinking about....I'll leave it at that...


  1. Charles and I think about adoption :) But its not something we're going to go into until money really starts to flow in :P (if that ever happens lol)
    I've been having baby fever on and off. When I see pictures of babies or pregnant women I just go "awe" on the inside. But when I see real babies and real pregnant women I think "Oh god... morning sickness.. aches and pains... sleepless nights! crying! having to hold a baby non stop! bottles!..." it really goes on and on like that! lol
    I knew for sure after Aidan that I wanted another one. I didn't have that same feeling after Dylan. And while I really really REALLY want to try for a little girl I realize its hard work. (not the trying hahaha) So I'm trying not to over think it. If it happens we'll have another child to love. If it doesn't happen right away I'm ok with that. Maybe once Aidan is in school the thought of another child running around me for 12 hours a day won't be so bad ;) But I'd like a big family. Cause while it'll be hard when they're all little and needing so much...once they're older it'll be a blessing to have such a big family :)
    Plus Rachel wants to start trying after she's married so I can love on a new baby then and give it back once it starts crying ;D

  2. Adoption is something we've always talked about too, but then I thought maybe Foster Care. We're leaning more towards adoption though.

    Only because foster care seems like it might be too much of an emotional roller coaster, not only for us, but for the kids...

    Yeah, let's let Rachel have the next one!! LOL!! Youre right, theyre cute for a minute, but when yah hear them cry, throw tantrums, etc. It's a REALITY CHECK!! LOL!! Maybe we'll wait a little later...but for me...I feel like the clock is ticking!!