Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapters In Life

Right now it seems like I'm at a point in life (crossroads) where I have to choose what will happen next. Life's funny that way isn't it?

I've been working full-time as a substitute (school) nurse at a job that I really enjoy. I had high hopes of being employed there, but lost all hope when I was told that they would no longer need me by the time the school year was over. I still have no benefits and I don't get paid for school holidays like everyone else. I need steady work...

Maybe that's why I've been sick? I'm making myself sick by letting the stress get to me. I have a history of doing that.

The money wasn't really great. Most of it went to the babysitter and the gas that I spent going back and forth to and from work.

**(Late entry) A few series of unfortunate events have taken place that have affected us greatly. We're trying to pick up the pieces and put everything back together again. We're still not out of our rut.
So the question is....why am I still there? Mostly because I felt bad leaving, but economically it was hurting us. It was hurting our family and it was making me sick.

So now what? I need to stay home. My kids need me. I need to heal myself. MY HOUSE NEEDS ME!! Everything's so disorganized! Unless I get a full time permanent job, I will have to go back to working nights. I won't have to pay for full time childcare and I will have more time for myself and my family.
School- Work was ruining my school. I'm not a multi-tasker. Only when it comes to my kids. I'm the type of person that needs to write stuff down. School will come when the time is right. My kids come first.
Painting-I plan on taking a course next fall. I tried taking an art class during the summer, but nothing is available where I live. I might start going back to an Art Club right by my house. I can't wait!
Exercise-I'm coming up with a plan (that's where my book comes in(top secret for now lol)), now that I have more free time. I just haven't mentioned it because I actually want to go through with it this time. I've gained so much weight since I thought I was getting a LAPBAND and I need to lose it FAST!

Better get going!! It's LUNCH time and my little one doesn't let me forget that!! LOL!

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