Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sorry everyone! My computer is still down. I hope I can get it up and going within the next two weeks! I miss using the computer at home. I miss painting! I miss working out! But here's the good news...if I haven't mentioned it yet...I HAVE A NEW JOB!! Yes!! I am officially a school nurse at a school district by my town!! I'm excited!! I started about two weeks ago and have officially started on my own this past Monday!! It's been hectic, but I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about searching. I have the job that I want to do! Which involves working with kids!! But, here's the catch...I'm not permanent. The district has put a hiring freeze and are not allowed to hire anyone. Can you believe that? So, I won't get paid holidays and I won't get paid SUMMER!! At least until they're allowed to hire...and that's if they decide to hire me!! YIKES!! Kinda scary when I think about it. I'm just grateful to have something going. Stay tuned for that...

On another note: We're planning on settling down where we live so WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE!! Kind of...thanks to my mom and her wonderful hubby, they plan on buying a house and renting it out to us. The house is meant for us, but because of bad credit we cannot do it on our own. We've been house hunting and put in three offers....check one of them out!!

It's not a grand place, but I'm excited to raise my kids in it!! The town is wonderful!! And most importantly my family loves it there. The house needs tons of TLC, but we are here to do it!! Wish us luck!!

Lap-Band Update: My gallbladder should be out in about two weeks. So they's been a huge mess, but it's going to happen soon (I hope). The nutrition plan has already been emailed to me to prepare for the lap-band surgery. Once my gallbladder is out, it will be about six weeks before the lap-band can be placed. We'll see!!


  1. wow exciting news! congrats :D

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