Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year's Resolutions (Part 2)

A Crazy Start
Well, it's already been a crazy start to my new year. Nothing has been going according to plans. What am I thinking making plans? LOL. Being a mom, nurse, wife, and student...there's no such thing as having a plan or a schedule.

It started two weeks ago...I was organizing a plan to follow based on my new year's resolution. When suddenly, I get sick!! Achy body, sore throat, cough....yuck!! During that time I needed to pick up more work because of our financial situation and I was enrolling in a few classes at school. Which in fact, was REALLY tough because most of the classes were already taken.. So I placed myself in a waiting list and I made it into my chemistry class!! I'll be going to this class twice a week in the evening. This started this past week and it is intense!! I'm also enrolled in an Algebra class, but won't start until next month once a week. On top of it all, I picked up a few extra shifts at work (four night shifts to be exact). It's been a bit overwhelming because it's something new to get used to. Not just for me, but for my family.

I just had to share with you my drive to school. It was only me, the road, and the train....

So I've been trying to balance everything out, diet included. Unfortunately, the exercise part hasn't fit into my schedule yet, but the nutrition part has....I've been working on cutting calories, portioning out my food, and weighed myself this week and noticed that I had lost a few pounds!! Can you imagine how much MORE weight I would've lost if I'd been working out!! I need to get on track!! I'll be posting more about this later...

The transition from afternoon to evening...GORGEOUS!!

A little bit of good news which can turn into bad news soon....
I applied for a job position to work as a school nurse a few months ago. I think I applied in August? I had written about my dreaded phone interview on here and had lost hope that I had any chance of getting this job. But, they called me to do a personal interview last week!! This process has been too long already. LOL!! It's stressful not knowing whether or not you have a new job. Especially a job that you REALLY want. So, I went to my interview and there was a panel of four woman (maybe three? I was SO nervous!!). My interview was this past Tuesday btw. They had a series of twelve questions that they were going to ask me and they left a paper in front of me to look at just in case I didn't understand the question. Did I mention I was NERVOUS!! You wouldn't believe how retarded I sounded in my interview. Can I have a REDO please?!! How could I not have known how to answer these questions?!! My mind went blank!! I've never been so embarrassed and nervous in an interview!! The worst part is that I kept apologizing for how nervous I was. I had to ask them to give me examples of what they meant in their questions. I didn't know what to tell them when they asked me why I would be a good candidate for this position!! How dreadful!! When they asked me if I had any questions, I asked them if there's anything that I might not know that I should have asked. One of the ladies ended the interview by letting me know that they would notify us about the results in a few days because someone else had to review the results of our interviews. How should I take that? DON"T CALL US...WE"ll CALL YOU. Usually, that's a bad thing. It's like saying, "Nice try lady, better luck next time." So, it is now Friday and NO WORD....should I wallow in my pity? I'll have to pray and trust in God that whatever's meant to happen is going to happen.


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