Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP Vivitar Vivicam 3785

My camera has officially taken a plunge. I've had the camera for years and it has given me so many memories. Poor little camera has been through everything...falls, spills, and rough travels in my purse or bags. I will miss my little camera. It has also been made fun of for it's old age and size, but I will always remember my little camera for giving me the best memories with my beautiful family. Rest in peace little camera. Thank you to my wonderful husband who gave me this wonderful gift. It's time to move on...time for a new camera...
In the meantime, my new camera phone will take place of my camera. No night pics though. No flash. I miss my little camera....

1 comment:

  1. awe I'm so sorry. Its so hard to lose a camera :/ I've been without one for around 2 years now. Thankfully everyone else around me has one so I can just grab theirs and take pictures of the kids and things. If you start looking for cameras check out the canon powershots. Those are great!