Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blah, Blah, and More Blah...

Every time I think I’m going to be more consistent about anything. I end up procrastinating even more.
It’s been a tough few weeks for me. My family has been sick with the flu, including me. We’re all still recovering. It REALLY hit us hard. Fortunately, it wasn’t swine flu (as far as I know). I guess the doctors have to see you practically dying before they can test you for swine. In the doctors words, you practically have to have a fever of 103-104 and basically lethargic (severely weak and tired) before you can even get tested for swine and prescribed antibiotics. I don’t agree. I believe that if it’s a pandemic, that everyone should get tested. I mean…THAT”S WHY IT”S A PANDEMIC RIGHT?! Why would you let something get out of control when you could have prevented it in the first place? Is it a conspiracy or something? LOL!! Are we THAT over-populated? Geez!!

My diet has gone caput.
The word “diet” has not been in my dictionary for a while. I blame it on being sick! I know…excuses…excuses….I have started diet pills per doctors orders,
but I need to exercise. I haven’t taken these pills since I’ve been sick so I feel REALLY blah right now. I’m loose, wobbly, and weak. I still have this cough that won’t go away and every time I go walking my cough starts acting up. I better change the subject…I think I’m getting tired of making excuses. There’s no excuse…I just need to get motivated….I will try to keep you posted.

Schools been crazy.
I’m still in Anatomy and Physiology. It’s REALLY tough, but I’m still kickin’, thrivin’, and survin’!! LOL! I think we’re going into the cardiovascular system. I need to study…

My painting class.
I love it!! It’s been really nice taking this class. I’ve already completed another project!! It’s a “rounded form”. It means that we had to make a painting of something rounded…something that had curves….and something that I would have to emphasize all these rounded forms. But, first we practiced drawing something rounded using charcoal. I will try to post these pictures up tonight. Stay tuned….

I have a little baby calling me…my little Jacob…I think it’s nap time…

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  1. keep on keeping on, lizard. and don't be too hard on yourself, you have tons of responsibility on your shoulders and you're doing a great job. on a completely different note, 1) the attitude to swine flu testing is ridiculous and 2) i really liked your graphics for this post. : )