Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Job Interview...

Ever bomb an interview for a job? Ouch!! Especially a phone interview...I was soooo close too...I was a little overly excited...Could have gone better....

My Telephone Interview…

“Hi, may I speak to Elizabeth”
“This is her.”

“Hi this is George from _____Unified School District”

“Hi! How are you?!”

"We’re interviewing nurses to see if you’d be available for a temporary position until we can find someone permanent, you are still on that list as well.”

“Oh okay, sure I’m available!”

“I wanted to ask you a few questions, are you familiar with diabetes?”


“We have a few kids, about 9 of them have diabetes, so we need a nurse that is experienced in that area.”

“Yes, I have experience. I worked in a pediatric hospital for almost 4 years and in a school for 1 year. So I have generalized experience in that area” (Why did I say generalized? Duh, I should have said yes I have experience and left it alone.)

“Okay, so you are familiar with the diabetes chart?”

“The diabetes chart? Oh, you mean the range that your sugar level should be at?”

“Yes, the chart that the doctor puts in orders for, for that individual child.”

“Yes, I’m familiar with ranges and doctors orders.” (Was this a trick question?)

Are you familiar with Insulin?”

“Um, yeah. Like calculating out the dosages, accuchecks, and administering injections right?” (So wait, am I lost or is he?)

“Yes, okay that sounds good. Thank you Elizabeth for your time. I will get back to you by the end of the day and let you know what is going on. I have 3 other nurses we are checking on as well.”

“Oh sure, thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!” (What an awkward interview. Whew. There goes that job.)

What do you think? It’s 1230am and I never heard back….bummer…


  1. sounds kinda like he was uncertain of what he was talking about, and he tripped you up. you did well, the interview will be perfect when its the perfect job for you. really. also, school districts take weeks to call back...hang in there. even getting an interview is great in this economy.