Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tony's MMA Fight-Part 1-Cutting Weight

Cutting weight is the worst part of preparing for a fight. Not all fighters have to do it. It just depends on what weight class you're fighting in and how much you you have to cut or even gain. It also depends on how much weight you "normally" walk around in. That's the fighter's choice.

Tonight is Tony's last day to prepare for his fight. He's been training hard these past few weeks. Tomorrow are the weigh-in's for the fight. That means tomorrow's "fasting" day. On this day he works hard to cut the weight he needs to make it into the fight. If he doesn't, he risks the chance of not fighting or the other fighter has the choice of whether or not he wants to fight him. A pay cut is also the punishment for not making weight. The rules apply to both fighters as they weigh-in for their fight.

I get really nervous on weigh-in days. Tony gets really focused and "tunnel-visioned" as he prepares for weigh-in days. It's really intense for everybody because we want to make sure he stays healthy and strong for the following day. Cutting too much weight causes ALOT of stress on the body and it could also be deadly if it isn't done right.

February 2008 weigh-in day with his Trainer.

So far he's done a good job preparing for all of this, but it doesn't make me calm. I still stress out EVERY single time he has a fight. I don't want anything bad to happen to him. This all starts from the weigh-in's until he's done with his fight. It's a three day process.....ugh!!

Trying to cheer him on as he prepares to weigh-in. He's not a happy camper on weigh-in days. (2008).

Wish him luck and lots of prayers!! He's been working hard for this fight!! If anything...pray for me...not to pass out from stress!! Goodnight everyone!! I will keep you posted!!

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