Sunday, November 2, 2008

Preparing for Halloween

Wow!! Halloween week has definitely kept me busy! Of course, I wait until the last minute to do everything. My 6 year old Jeremy wouldnt leave me alone until I took him to the pumpkin patch, I had to buy a costume for Jacob (our ten month old), and of course the grand finale trick or treating!! For me, that's a huge "to do" list. I can hardly handle doing anything else. LOL. I'll have to write more updates on here later, but here are a few pics from the pumkin patch.

I tried getting them both to smile, but they were hot and miserable.

Jacob was wondering why I had put him onto those orange things. LOL.

Oh yes!! The carving of the pumkin....another thing on my agenda. LOL. I need to fix some of my pictures, they need to be rotated before I can post them on here. It was a fun week though. I can't complain. Our family had a great time doing things together. My husband had the last part of the week off so that made it even more enjoyable.

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