Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've Been Sick.....

I've been so sick this past week. I think I started feeling it last week. My body started hurting....I was extremely tired........and slowly my throat started hurting, my head was foggy and congested, my eyes hurt......EVERYTHING hurt!! You name it!! Cough, chest, sinus, asthma!! I'm finally getting better......I still have that itchy throat that takes forever to get rid of and that dumb cough that takes even longer to go away. My sinus' are still plugged and I'm still having a hard time breathing. I started taking cipro (antibiotic) and daytime and nightime medication with ibuprofen and tons and tons of fluids.....yuck!! I hate being sick!!

Along with being still went on....with or without me......I still had to work, I still had to get up and take my son to school, I still had to take care of the baby, and I still had to do my everyday duties....such as cook and clean. I kept it as light as possible and have thankfully (Thank you God!!........I prayed and prayed to get better....) gotten better.

So....did I ever complete my list of things to do?........I DID!! It took me TWO whole weeks LOL!! It took me two weeks to do a few simple that normal? LOL. I don't know......

My six year old finally started tutoring!! YAY!!! He's going once a week right now for reading and this monday he's going to test for math. I'm excited he started!! I'm really worried about him. I hate to watch him struggle. He struggles everyday with school and his speech. I'm so grateful that Jeremy has such a great staff working with him at school. I just had a meeting with his teacher and his speech therapist last week and they are going to do more testing on him to see what else they can do to help him improve. I really think his previous history of multiple ear infections really affected him. I honestly do not believe he has a learning disability. He's such a smart kid when it comes to figuring out other things. I love him....he's an awesome kid!!

My little 10 month old is teething again!! I think he has 6 teeth already!! I really need to buy a camera. I think I may be forced to buy a camera with my next paycheck. Hallloweens coming up.........HOLIDAYS are coming up!! I can't miss anymore kodak moments with my kids!! Theyre both getting sooooo big!! Especially years don't last very long. He's so funny and loving. He loves making people laugh. If you catch him doing something silly...he does it again just to make you laugh. I love it!!

Life's good with my kids. Life is never dull with them. They definitely keep me busy.

I have to mom came over last week to help me with the kids. I had to take a PALS (pediatric advanced life support) class at work and my mom helped me with the kids. Did I mention how wonderfully awesome my mom is?!! I love old fashioned as she is....and sometime she can make me a little crazy...she's the best mom ever!!! I was so sick last week and she took care of me and the kids like a champ!! She cooked for us, cleaned, bathed the kids, watched the kids, took care of me (made me tea's, gave me medicine, etc......the list goes on....). She's awesome! I also have to mention.....she makes the best soup ever!! Albondigas Soup and Cocido........mmmmmmm.......I'll have to take pics and post the recipe on's the best soup ever!!! It was gone in two days!!

Me, My Mom (What a hottie right?!!), and my cutie pie Jeremy.

I guess ALOT happened these past two weeks......almost too much LOL!! I'll have to stay updated more frequently.......

My husbands been pretty busy lately.....I've hardly seen him these past weeks unless we're sleeping or he's at home with the kids while I go to work......He's been training hard and dieting.....his tryouts are next Monday....he leaves Saturday. I'm actually really nervous about the whole thing. I honestly don't know how to feel about it. I'm just holding my breath and playing it by ear. I hate not knowing whats going to happen next. I like having things scheduled and organized. And our lives are definitley not like that right now.....Better go....I have more to write about......maybe later on's keeping me busy...yet again.........

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