Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is He Serious?

Some people think that my husband is this really serious guy. He is kind of quiet (at first) when he's around new people and it takes him a while to loosen up. But, once he gets comfortable around new people and finds common interests with them, he'll start smiling and joking around with them. When you look at some of the pictures that I've posted on my blog you would never believe it. BUT I HAVE PROOF!!!
BUSTED! It's actually a pain in the butt getting him to take one single picture with me with a smile on his face. We have to go through several poses to get that ONE PERFECT PICTURE. He's either looking somewhere else, blinking, goofing around or  he has a straight face. So whenever you see him in any of my pictures.....just remember...I went through ALOT to get that one perfect pose! LOL. But, in reality...he's a major goofball.

Do any of you have the same problem with your partner?

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