Tuesday, August 21, 2012

They Call Him "Mr. Pig"!

Hubby and I had been talking about getting a new dog for the kids for the past few weeks. Having a dog is a HUGE decision and an even bigger responsibility. We've had a few dogs in the past and it never worked out for us. It was either separation anxiety or they were constantly running away. We waited two years before the idea ever came up again. Finally, a coworker of my hubbys had mentioned to him that they needed to find a new home for their dog.
I was hesitant about getting a new dog. I was worried that it wouldn't work out.

One day after I had put the kids down to bed my hubby came home with a surprise. He brought home a NEW DOG! I was really worried and not to happy about him bringing home a dog without mentioning it to me. He reassured me that he was fully trained and that if things didn't work out we could take him back to the previous owner.
We've had our dog for a few weeks now and we LOVE him! He is one of the best dogs that we've ever had. He is a PERFECT fit for our family! Can you guess his name?

"PIG!!!!" LMAO. We told the kids that they could change his name, but it seems like his name has already stuck with him. Sometimes we call him "Piggy".We love our new addition to the family.

I made a fun video on YouTube with my little guy and our dog Pig playing Tug-Of-War. I had fun making this video. It gave me tons of practice for a possible Vlog in the future. I'm kind of camera shy which is kind of funny because I wanted to be an actress when I was little. LOL. Hope you enjoy it! 

Who do you think is going to win tug-of-war?My little guy or Pig?

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