Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Fit Challenge Recap

In May, I started a workout challenge that I found on Instagram to help motivate me on my new health journey. I wasn't as consistent as I wish I would've been, but it's really helping me keep track of what I do. You can follow me on Instagram: CurviMamiPetite to see what I do daily with my #MayFitChallenge. You can also find me on Tumblr: CurviMamiPetite and Twitter: TNL634! I'll apologize to you ahead of time if you don't see a daily post, but if I do miss a day or two I will usually play catch-up! Here's my recap:
Day One: Before Picture
 Day Two: Healthy Breakfast

Day 3 & 4.
Day 5, 6, and 7.
Day 8 &  9.
Day 10: Fitness Role Model
Day 11, 12, and 13 were skipped.
Day 16: Outside. Market Night! We bought a few liters of fresh Green Juice. YUM.
Day 20: New Workout. I'm also on Pinterest. I'm everywhere! LOL. I'm also planning on changing my blog name and layout, but that's another blog post topic. LOL. I did want to mention that if you're not on Pinterest, you should be! There are so many fitness tips, inspiring words, and workouts that you can implement into your life and schedule.
 Day 21: Cheat Meal (Buffet)
Day 22, 23, 24 were skipped.
Day 30: Silly Face
Day 31: After Picture
You probably won't notice much change in my face and to be honest I wasn't as strict as I wish I would've been. You may notice a tan though. LOL. We were all sick with the flu the last two weeks of May. I didn't eat as healthy as I should've been eating and my workouts ranged from 2-3 days per week to almost nothing near the end. You won't believe the changes I've made in June! We're only 7 days into it and I feel great!! You're welcomed to join me in the June Fit Challenge! Let me know if you do and I'll follow you! We can cheer each other on!
What helps motivate you on your health/fitness journey?


  1. Wow girlie! such a great job! I want to work out with you!!! For reals!

  2. @sofia Valle Thank you!!! I'd love to get together to workout! You're welcomed to join me anytime or we can meet up somewhere! ;)