Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Choose a Workout That You Really Enjoy Doing!

The best thing to do when you're trying to get healthy is choosing an activity/ workout (in my case "activities") that you really enjoy doing. One of my local gyms is offering a "Master Swim" program that is meant for weight loss, health, and triathlons. I'm definitely not training for a triathlon, but I thought it would be a great way to get healthy. I used to be on the swim team and water polo team in high school. MANY MANY MOONS AGO. I LOVED IT! Why not do it now?!

Signing up for this program was interesting. I walked up to the gym counter and I told the guy at the counter that I wanted to sign up for the "Master Swim" program. I filled out the paperwork and he asked me, "What's the name of your child doing this program?". CHILD?! Do I really look that old?! It's a class for people over 18 years old. Right? (I didn't say it out loud. LOL. I'm a wuss.) He confirmed that the class was for adults and I joined the class in fear that I would be the oldest one there.  On my first day of class I was SO RELIEVED to see that everyone in my class was at least my age or older. PHEW.  I would have probably stuck with the program regardless of the age group, but it's nice not being the oldest one in the program.
My swim class will be three times a week at 5am. I KNOW. Crazy right? What's crazier is that I really love my cardio class  and I couldn't give it up. I've been incorporating that into my workouts as well AND I CAN'T give up my spinning class because it's another LOVE of mine. What's a girl to do? ALL OF THEM?! YES!!!! If I don't lose weight and get healthy after this...I've got major problems! THIS IS MY YEAR!!!
Here's my current workout schedule:
Mondays: Swimming (90 minutes) and Cardio/Crossfit Inspired Workout (One Hour)
Tuesday: Spinning (45 minutes) and a One Mile Run
Wednesday:  Swimming (90 minutes) and Cardio/Crossfit Inspired Workout (One Hour)
Thursday: Spinning (45 minutes)  and a One Mile Run
Friday: Swimming (90 minutes) and Cardio/Crossfit Inspired Workout (One Hour)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
I missed my workout last Friday, but I don't feel bad because we went to Disneyland! I'm really not stressing out on my workout schedule because I know I'm not slacking. I've mentioned in previous posts that it's a stress-free journey to health. I'm trying to make it a lifestyle and not something that I feel forced to do. Not stressing out about my workouts is really making this lifestyle change easy for me. I still have tons of changes to make on my diet, but I'm slowly working on it. It's not easy!
Any tips on what food I should incorporate into my diet to help me lose weight? What activities do you enjoy doing as part of your fitness routine?

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