Monday, April 30, 2012

Call Me Crazy- Another Challenge #mayfitchallenge

I thought I'd finish off March Photo a Day 17-31. I could have stopped, but the OCD in me wouldn't leave me alone. I HAD to finish posting these pictures regardless of how cheesy and late some of these pictures were. Here we go..
17. Green- Here's a little glimpse of my mini veggie garden. I just started growing veggies. I'm not experienced in this area so I'll be surprised if they survive. LOL.
18. A Corner of your Home- I found this lamp at a yard sale. I fell in love with it. Except I don't know where to put it. Just call me HOARDER. For now, it's sitting on my desk in a corner of my home.
19. Funny- Both of my kids are clowns. My little guy thinks he's a ninja. Go figure!
20. Before/After-Haircuts!
21. Delicious- A Beer Margarita! If you don't mind beers and LOVE'll love this drink!
22. Kitchen Sink- Nothing Special :/ That's where the mess happens...
23. Moon- I took a picture of a's not really something I saw in person. I cheated.
24. Animal- My little guy's teddy bear. Priceless.
25. Breakfast- There's this really good restaurant in my town called Martha Greens. It's sooo good. It's very country chic. I love their breakfast quesadillas and sandwiches. YUM.
26. Key- Another random pic.
27. Your Name- I'm Elizabeth a.k.a Liz. I'm mostly Liz. Strangers will usually call me Elizabeth until they start getting to know me better...then they just call me Liz. If you're a reader...just call me Liz. You probably know more than some people in my life know about me. LOL.
28. Trash- This poor flower didn't make it. It's trash.
29. Feet- Sorry you had to see this...:p
30. Toy- Random
31. Where You Relax- Most people probably have this amazing area to relax at. My getaway is my laptop. I can read blogs, write blogs, talk to friends and family on Facebook, and stay up to date with friends that I've met through twitter. I LOVE IT! There's so much you can do on the internet! So there you have it! My extremely late "March Photo a Day' recap. Call me crazy, but I think that I'm signing myself up for a May Fit Challenge.
You can find me on twitter (TNL634) and Instagram! My Instagram name is CurviMamiPetite!

Are you doing a challenge this month?Have you done any challenges in the past? How did you do?

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