Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winner of the VIP All Access Passes for Sonsi FFFWeek(end)tm! (Part One)

On October 22, 2010 I received an email from Goody from Curvatude telling me that I had won a VIP All Access Pass to Full Figured Fashion Week sponsored by Sonsi!

I was surfing the web trying to get ideas on clothes that I could wear for my body shape. I have a tough time finding clothes that look good on me. I'm a mom-on-the-go so I need something that I can move around in comfortably. As I searched around getting ideas from all these wonderful plus size bloggers, I noticed a giveaway on  to this fabulous event that would showcase clothes for curvy woman like myself. I wanted to be a part of this special event! I thought there would be a slim chance for me to actually win this pass, but thought I'd give it a try anyway. I had NOTHING to lose!

Me and Goody from Curvatude

When I received the news that I won I was so excited! I NEVER win anything, but for some reason I was on a winning streak that week. I even bought a lottery ticket (I didn't win) LOL!

Can I afford going? What do I wear? Who's going to watch the kids? How am I going to get there?!

I had so many questions going through my mind! I was determined to make it to this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Especially an event that supports curvy woman!

I am constantly trying to lose weight. I have said it before, but it has almost always been because I  wanted to be "skinny". It was a complex I had because of how I grew up. I never felt like I deserved to "feel" pretty or to have nice clothes because I was "fat". I had to wait to look decent until after I lost my weight because I could never look good in clothes my size. I've struggled for several years with my weight. I still struggle now. My perception now: It's really not about losing weight. It's more about staying healthy no matter how much I weigh and looking good while doing it! You can still be beautiful no matter how much you weigh. And you can still be beautiful while you lose weight! Overall, whether or not you want to lose weight...YOU CAN STILL LOOK & FEEL BEAUTIFUL!

As I arranged to go to this fabulous event I noticed my lovely cousin Gabi from Hungry for Fashion tweeting about it (@Gabreella)! She said she had won a ticket to go too! I was so excited that she was going! How cool was that! What are the odds?!

Me & my cousin Gabi from Hungry for Fashion

FFFweek(end) was a three day event. Unfortunately, I would only be able to make it to two days out of three because of childcare and transportation issues. Gabi would only make it to one day because of work. I did notice several fashion bloggers would be going to this event and thought how special it would be to meet these wonderful people that share their lives with us online almost everyday! I would be attending the event Friday and Saturday. Gabi would be going Saturday. I decided to carpool with her on Saturday.


To be continued...


  1. Hi Elizabeth! It was great meeting you- we're loving your posts about FFFWeek(end)...Thanks for the Sonsi shout outs! So glad you could come!! Keep in touch :)

  2. Elizabeth! So great meeting you at FFFWeek(end)- happy you could come, we really enjoyed hanging out :) Thanks for all the Sonsi shout outs- we truly appreciate the support! Keep in touch...

  3. @ SonsiWoman No problem! I had so much fun and will always be grateful to you guys for alowing me to have a fun-filed weekedn that I wil NEVER forget!