Tuesday, November 9, 2010

V.I.P. Red Carpet Love & Runway Finale at Sonsi's FFF Week! (Part 3)

October 30, 2010
The Runway Finale had finally arrived! FFF(end) week would've never been possible without Sonsi. Check these amazing women out! What an honor to be surrounded by so many smart and successful women supporting an event that supports full figured women!

The day of the runway finale was an exciting day for me! I have NEVER been to a Runway Show! Let alone a V.I.P. Red Carpet event! I couldn't wait to meet up with my cousin Gabi! I was excited to get dolled up to go do something that I've never done before!

 I waited to get dressed at my cousin Gabi's house. I didn't want to get dirty. Let alone fall because of my high heels! LOL. I actually did fall the day before. I fell straight forward at the front of the hotel lobby. Whoops! I ended up scraping my knee (rug burn). It was pretty funny. In my mind I knew I was going to fall and I tried landing gracefully onto the ground. It didn't work out too well. I couldn't stop laughing! You'll notice a few pictures along the way with me in my dress and a scrape on my knee. It was too late to change the dress and buy pantie hose. So I made the best out of it! It was my first V.I.P. Red Carpet and RUNWAY SHOW event!

 Here we are! Ready to get the night started!
We ran into the Lovely Sabrina and had to take pics with her. Don't they both look beautiful?!
 Before the Runway Show we were invited to go to the VIP Red Carpet to take pics & attend a Cocktail Reception (by invitation only). I felt fancy smancy! We were mingling among very important people in the fashion industry.
It was especially fun mingling with these girls! They made the night extra special! (I will be adding a list of all these lovely  fashionistas on my blog list very soon! Keep an eye out for them. You can also find them on my previous post.)

When Cocktail Hour was over we were escorted to our seats and look what was waiting for us! Wow! Goodie bags from Sonsi! Thank you Sonsi!
The room filled up with several fashion lovers anxiously awaiting for the show to start!

People were snapping pictures from every direction!  
The show was amazing! The clothes were fabulous! The models were beautiful! The designers were fantastic! Check out the list of designers:
  •  Sonsi
  • IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel
  • Abundance Plus Size Boutique
  • Chan.nel Karama, Ltd.
  • Forever 21+
  • Hips ad Curves
  • Jill Alexander Designs
  • Kiyonna
  • Lane Bryant
  • Plush Boutique
  • Sassi Rebel Clothing
  • Sealed with a Kiss Designs
  • Youtherey Khmer

 This entire experience has been truly inspiring and empowering to me! It has taught me to be more open and to get out and meet new people. I've learned to LOVE me and my body no matter what size I am.  I've bonded with so many women and have made new friends. This journey has also inspired me to start up a fashion blog...more details later! I'll never forget this event!
 Thanks again Sonsi for making all of this possible!

What did you enjoy reading about this event? What would be your favorite part about going?


  1. Love the pictures Elizabeth! Especially the ones of our lovely goodie bag! Thanks again for the wonderful Sonsi shout out- it's much appreciated :) Hope you're well!

  2. @SonsiWoman No Problem! Thank you! Lovin' my Sonsi mug!