Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Ever Happened To That Water Challenge?

Sorry guys! It's been chaotic for me. With both of my kids home and out of school it's been crazy! But, as of Tuesday, my oldest is back in school! YEAH! I love him, but he needs to be in school. He goes to school excited to see his friends and he comes home happy & best of all tired!

What Ever Happened To That Water Challenge?

I did end up completing the water the challenge and I felt great doing it! I had to pee alot for the first couple days. It woke me up a few nights too. I was pretty tired and bummed that I had to keep getting up to go pee all the time. After a week it got a little better. I did feel refreshed and hydrated. I had more energy too!
I hardly ever had water retention. It was REALLY nice because I do have a problem with that.
The biggest issue was reminding myself to drink water. Can you believe that? How sad is it that you have to remind yourself to drink water? I mean, I actually had to set up a schedule to remind myself to drink. WOW!
I was disappointed that I didn't lose weight. I did feel full, but no weight loss. I know. I know. Exercise, eating right, and tons of fluids will help. I need to build up my energy & strength.

Have I kept Up With My Water Intake?

No, I got lazy. I don't know why. Especially when I felt better hydrated! My hands and feet swell up all the time and I'm always tired. I think it's time to set up a water drinking schedule again. Pathetic, but true. Water is so important I just need to convince my body & mind...

My weight loss this summer was pretty disappointing. I think I gained more weight...

I will have to write about that another time...

Time for a NEW Plan Of Action (again)...

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