Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dinner & Old Navy

Last week my hubby won dinner for two from a local radio station. I was REALLY excited! We hardly ever win anything! When he called he told me to get all dolled up because it was going to be a nice restaurant. Unfortunately, we had to claim our prize that evening and I had to work. So I put on my makeup and made myself as pretty for him as I could and voila! Sponge bob Scrubs N' Makeup! LOL! I would leave to work right after dinner...

The restaurant is located in the high desert called Kinari's Asian Cuisine.

We started our meal with an appetizer. They were supposed to be Pot Stickers, but they really tasted like crab meat, cream cheese stuffed fried wontons. I think "Crab Ragoon". They were pretty good, a slight bit stale, but the dipping sauce made up for it.

We had originally ordered Calamari, but were out of it by the time we arrived. We were disappointed, but were excited for our next entree.

It was a yummy steak with vegetable medley and red potatoes accompanied with a salad.


The steak was delicious! It had tons of flavor along with the veggies. The potatoes were good as well. We only found a few that were raw, but overall good.

When we were finished with our main course we decided to have desert, but they were out of what we wanted too!! TIRAMISU! YUM!! What a tease!

The waitress felt so bad that we had ordered two entrees that were out that she gave us a $5.00 coupon that would pay for desert and a discount coupon for the next time we made a visit.

Overall, I can't complain. It was a FREE meal! Best of all, it was time with my hubby. Our 13 year wedding anniversary is coming up so it made our dinner super special.

Thank you honey! I love you!

I had to share this with everyone. Last week I made a special trip to a store...OLD NAVY, but my first visit was the McDonald's Train Station that is located right outside my town. It's REALLY cool because it has small shops inside and the kids get really excited to go because they feel like they're in a train. I'll have to post more pictures on here later. I only have a camera phone and it has a mind of itself. It hardly ever works when it's too bright or too dark. I WANT A CAMERA!! AHHH!!
I found some interesting things around me. Lovin' the license plate! LOL!

Check this card out! OMG! There were tons of other things you'd be shocked at seeing there.

After having lunch at McDonald's, I decided to make a detour too....OLD NAVY!!! Woohoo!!

Doesn't it look beautiful?

I was in heaven! Check out the clearance rack!!

I bought two tops for $5 each. Most of my clothes is Old Navy. My Capri's, my sandals, and most of my shirts. Oh yeah! Uh huh! I LOVE shopping. Especially bargain shopping!

So I've been staying busy. Kids and ALL. I can't wait to make another visit soon! We've been staying busy in other ways as well. Stay tuned...

Have a great day!!

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  1. That food looks awesome, and I love Old Navy too!!!