Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day One...Looking Up!!

I'll start my first day with my kids!! My kids are what keep me going everyday!! They keep me up and going!! LOL!! Without them I'd be nothing....

I tried having them both look up. Darn sun always getting in the way! LOL.

Today I was registering at the hospital for my surgery Tuesday (gallbladder). As I drove in, I remembered babies!! And how big they are growing!! My two year old was born in this very hospital that I'm going to have surgery in. My little Christmas Baby!!

And my seven year grown handsome. My kids...ALL kids are life's most precious gifts.

They are both so big now. Incredible!

They're my constant reminders to hold my head up high and be proud of what I've already accomplished. They keep me whenever you're feeling down...LOOK UP!! Keep your head high and remember that there are people out there that LOVE YOU!!

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  1. Oh thats so true! My children are what keep me going from day to day and without them I would have a big empty void in me.
    Good luck with your surgery on Tuesday!