Friday, April 30, 2010

April...May...LOOK UP!!

April has been a pretty tough month. It almost felt like it would never end. I've decided to follow NaBloPoMo's theme which is "Look Up". I'm going to be POSITIVE this month. Why does everything have to be so negative anyway? I'm going to make sure that things are looking up instead of down. I'm looking at the positive side of things, instead of thinking of the negative things.

I'm going to post things on here that make me happy. Things happen for a reason anyway right?

So here are my instructions:

Hey, bloggers! The theme for May blogging is LOOK UP. This is the perfect theme for the Google lovers and reference librarians among us who love to look up and share nuggets of knowledge both legendary and obscure.

Photo bloggers will find it's a flexible theme as well (or just a good excuse to post 31 days of cloud photos).

And of course anyone finding themselves feeling depressed at the state of the world may help us all by posting about what they and others are doing to reverse the damage; in other words, maybe things are looking up after all.

If you're planning on blogging every day in May, you'll want to be on the blogroll! That's it! Thank you for your kind attention and happy blogging!

So there it is....I'm LOOKING UP to life!! Maybe it'll be good energy for our family. LOL!


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  1. Good luck with NaBloPoMo!! Im joining in too and looking for some nice mummy blogs to read!
    Best of luck!