Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Much Longer Is This Going to Take?

Today is March 4th and I'm still waiting for the LAPBAND! The insurance company is taking their time approving everything. My gallbladder is still intact and I'm STILL overweight. I've been cutting down on some food and moderately exercising, but now I'm kind of wondering if I should gain weight so that my insurance will move things along a bit quicker. My BMI is 37 and it should be 40 if I want it approved for sure.

I have a friend that was doing the same thing and just found out that her insurance will not approve her for the lapband. What a bummer! That's my fear! I have lost about 4 pounds these past two months, but that's not good. Could be better...The average is 8-10 pounds per month if I'm exercising and eating right. I'm calling myself out! LOL!

I've decided to take some of this into my own hands. The company I'm going through is taking their sweet time. The girl I'm going through is also taking her time. It's almost like I have to call and harrass them (my biggest pet peeve). So I called my doctor and scheduled an appointment to try and get my gallbladder out through them.

We'll see what happens...until then...wish me luck!!

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