Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Day To Remember The People You Love...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Valentine's Day is a day to remember the people that you love and a day to be reminded about the people that love you. Love doesn't have to be shown with expensive or materialistic things. It can be done simply by doing something nice or out of the ordinary for someone. Or even just by showing appreciation to someone f0r doing the things that they've done for you every single day.Today was a special day. An out of the ordinary day. My dad came to visit us! We have a very strange relationship. Maybe because in some ways we are alike? But, there is some anomosity because of things that have happened in the past. Too long to post on here. But, today all of that was forgotten. The past did'nt matter. Our kids got to see their grandpa.

And my husband was so good to help me out. He went above and beyond to make my dad feel comfortable. And THAT was the BEST gift ever for me on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, his visit was last minute and I was scheduled to work. Tony had to be the host. I could'nt call off. It was too late. So I wanted to thank my husband for being there for me. I love you! I love my boys!!
I love all of my family. I love all my friends. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.'re all in my hearts and I'm grateful to have such a wonderful group of people in my life that love me back too!! XOXO!!

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