Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Leaves Are Falling!!

Christmas is getting closer and the leaves are falling!!
My hubby was dreading the yard work. There were so many leaves....EVERYWHERE!! Who knew so many leaves would fall in the desert? LOL.
It was such a nice day outside and as dreadful as the yard work was. We decided to take the kids outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and experience the change between Fall and Winter!!

Jacob must have felt bad because he started raking the leaves!! He loves to be our little helper.

Jeremy and daddy were making room for all the leaves. Jeremy is our big helper.

At first he was hesitant going into the trash can, but then realized how fun it could be....

He started jumping around like the little monkey that he is and gracefully fell over to the ground. Dad wasn't too happy about that, but then realized it was kinda funny. I couldn't stop laughing.

Jacob wanted to be a part of the leave smashing.....he was excited about sitting on the bag and smashing those leaves. We cheered him on!!!
We finally had to go inside because daddy had to mow the lawn and it was kind of cold outside. The kids weren't to happy about that, but it was a day to remember and I'm glad I had my camera on hand to keep these memories forever.

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