Monday, December 14, 2009

An Interest In Painting

Ever since I started my painting class, Jeremy has shown a HUGE interest in painting. I love it!! It's a great way for us to bond. Sometimes it's hard to actually sit down and paint with him because it can get a little hectic with LIFE. Painting takes time and patience. When you don't have that, it can get REALLY frustrating.

So I set him up at the kitchen table with a canvas and all my painting supplies at his side. He was so proud and excited to finally sit down and create something of his own.

Sometimes he would get a little frustrated. I was trying to make painting as exciting as I could. He followed my directions and at the same time I allowed him the freedom to draw and paint in his own special way.

He was so proud of himself when he was finally done. And so was I......

Meet little Artist.....

He used canvas and acrylics. His painting is of our house where him and daddy are fishing in the backyard.

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