Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Going Nuts!!

Life is moving too slow for me right now! Why can't we just win the lottery?!

Work is actually starting to pick up. It's not exactly what I want to be doing right now, but it pays the bills...I guess. I would like to find something that makes me happy, but we'll see what's in store for our family as far as career goes. Tony's trying to look for something too. We love our occupations...we just need to find a location that we both enjoy. With the economy not doing so great we can't be picky.

Jeremy is almost done with first grade, but he will be repeating next year. He's been doing a great job in school, but I feel that for his best interest he needs a do-over. I hope that it doesn't affect him too drastically. It's been a rough year for him as far as moving goes. I hope to sign him up for a few outdoor activities this summer like skateboarding and swimming. I haven't had a chance to look for my camera cord. I'm hoping to find it sometime next week. When I do I'll post up more pics of my cutie pies...they've grown so much!!

Jacob's growing up so much!! His speech is a little delayed, but he does say "momma, dadda, ouchie, eww, uh-oh, and hi!". He'll get better as time goes by. Jeremy was the same way when he was little. He still loves getting into things that he shouldn't be in and he still LOVES to climb whenever he has an open opportunity. I love my boys!!

Here are a few more pics of my mom's wedding...I miss my family. I don't get to see them very often so when I do I try to enjoy my time with them. I hope that we have an opportunity to get together again soon.

Exchanging Vows

You may kiss the bride...

Need I say more?...

My family getting jiggy with it!! LOL!!

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  1. Awe congrats to your mom! Miss seeing you! Wish you were close so that we could hang out. Post some pictures of the boys soon!