Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Challenge

Getting Personal

Yesterday was an important day for me. It started the day before yesterday when my monthly friend visited me. Who's ever excited about their monthly friend visiting?!! What a weirdo right?!! Well, this particular month it was special to me because it meant I could call the doctor and tell her I was ready for my IUD insertion!! No babies for five years!! No birth control pills, no depo shots, and no patches!!

It started out a little hectic because I couldn't find anyone to watch the kids. I was so freaked out because I couldn't miss this EXTREMELY important appointment!! I had to have it inserted while I was menstruating (gross huh?) and my health insurance is canceling at the end of the month because I'm leaving my job so it had to be done a.s.a.p.!! What to do?!! What to do?!!

Well, I never found a sitter....and I couldn't afford to pay for one so I braced myself and took both of my kids with me. I was desperate!! So I headed off to the doctor's office and waited to get called. I was really nervous that they would turn me away because of the kids, but I was also really excited about getting it done!!! I chose mirena as my choice IUD. So as they called me in, I passed the nurses, showing them how quiet my kids were so they wouldn't turn me away. I quickly passed another one, saying "I couldn't find a sitter". They all nodded that it was okay. Whew!! What a relief!!

In the waiting room I was anxiously awaiting what would happen to me next.

So how did I keep the kids quiet? My secret weapon....CHOCOLATE!! I bribed Jeremy into watching the baby while it was getting done. I told him to keep Jacob busy with chocolate cookies and if he did a good job he would get a surprise.

So as I get prepped for my insertion, the kids by my side (I tried getting them behind the curtain, but no room) I lay there praying that my kids stay quiet and that the procedure wasn't going to be painful.

So how was it?

It was painful! It felt like I was going into labor all over again!! I tried to stay strong because I didn't want to kids to see me in pain or crying. I just kept thinking, it was ALL worth it because I wouldn't have to worry about birth control for FIVE years!! I took LOONG deep breaths until it was finally over. It really didn't last long, but it sure did feel like it. I bled a little and cramped ALOT. I asked for advil and went home.

Yes, Jeremy decided to take a picture of me before the procedure. I was covered and super nervous.

I was uncomfortable for a few hours. It was mostly painful when I walked. If I sat or layed down I was fine. I am happy to say now, that I'm baby free for five years!! Now the bad part...

I never really looked into the IUD until after I had it inserted. What a retard!! I was just excited about getting it done!! I was online searching for IUD insertion experiences and side effects. The results were not good!! I read about how painful the insertion was and how it causes weight gain!! Weight gain!! I should have gotten the 10 year copper IUD, but I've heard so many bad things about it......Being infertile for ten years scared me a little too. Now it's too late....

My New Challenge

Not gaining weight. If the IUD causes weight gain. I'm going to REALLY have to watch my diet. As soon as I move into my new home I'm joining a running club or something. I'm going to have to work out intensively and watch the food I consume. I've pretty much been doing it now, but now I have to do it more than ever. One really effective way to lose weight is running. I used to keep it off that way when I was younger. I would do about 3 miles per day.

I would start, but I'm still a little sore inside. When I move around it's a little painful. I can't imagine running so soon.

So hopefully I can prove these weight gain experiences wrong by losing weight and keeping it off.

So, that concludes my very special, important, and challenging day.....

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  1. Aidan keeps bugging me so I only read bits and pieces of this blog post...but what i've seen is 'painful' and 'weight gain' I was thinking about getting this done...but maybe I should read your whole blog post before I think about it some more lol :) But no kids for 5 years...OMG THAT SOUNDS GREAT! :D